Sunday, September 19, 2010

Grape Expectations

September 18


How come so many people I know have September birthdays?!


(gasp, yes, even with a champagne-fueled nite where I didn't go to sleep 'til after 2 am, I still got up at 8 to get my exercise on. I'm amazing. HAHA).

-5 min treadmill
-chest & back

No second treadmilling it up because instead I walked over to 'Bux. Oh yeah.

-venti soy misto

I don't think I mentioned it on here, but I'm trying to cut back on the syrupy drinks. Maybe 1-2 times a week is bueno, but any more is getting a little ridiculous and I realized...I do love them, but not THAT THAT much. Not much more than plain coffee/espresso drinks to justify the difference.


-egg white puff on 1 slice of rye (only bread left in the homestead), kraft single, 2 slices of veggie bacon, & grey poupon
-extra half an egg puff
-organic strawberrrrries

A few hours later my Mom & I headed for Grapevine (about 40-45 min away) and checked into the Gaylord Resort Hotel. I've been there for a seasonal event they put on, but never stayed there. It's kind of like a Vegas hotel sans casino, but it's overrated imo. My Mom, however, LOVED it. Meh. :-P.

My cousin Caurie works at the sports bar there and it happened to be the only place open when we wanted to eat (4 pm) besides room service. My cousin was there, so we got to say hi, but they were crazy busy, so unfortunately that was about the extent of our meet up. They didn't have the mint for the orange mojitos my Mom and I wanted. Bummer, dude. But otherwise it was alright. I think I would have prefered room service, even though that menu was underwhelming too, but the crab cakes sounded good. And maybe french onion soup. Oh wellsies.

-bud light lime
-spinach artichoke dip (more of a cream cheese dip really. Wish there had been a little more!)
-half of a kobe burger with lettuce, tomato, pickle, cheddar, avocado, and tons of mustard eaten open faced
-a few bites of cole slaw

Even when I was super carnivore (lol) I was never into burgers, but I just had a craving, so I decided to go for it. Especially because my Mom offered to share it with me + her dip. It was pretty good, but kinda made me feel sick. + The waitress found out Caurie was our relative and gave us 50% off. Not too shabby, eh? Shoulda ordered more. Just kidding.

Originally our friend wanted to meet at Grape Fest at 3:45 (a wine festival). That changed to 6. Then 7:30. My Mom guessed we wouldn't ultimately get there 'til 9, which was fairly close. I think we probably got there around 8:30. Ugh. It still would have been OK, because it was open 'til 11:30 (and we got to take an hour nap before leaving for the nite, which was much needed), but alas. No. My friend's boyfriend was already not into it I don't think, then our other friend + her boyfriend (the first friend's boyfriend's brother, if you can figure that out LOL) REALLY didn't want to be there. They said it was too hot and crowded. I'm not sure why they came then? It's a festival during a Texas Summer, it's kind of expected? But whatever. We'd already purchased $40 worth of fair coupons and only used $4.50 worth. Greeeeat. One of the guys sold the rest for us (I think for a slight discount though, so we took some loss....), so we could just leave and stop listening to the complaining. After spending the $ just to get inside minutes prior, only trying one glass of wine, not really seeing any of the actual fair, only going into a few shops. It was basically a waste. And I didn't even get my crepes I desperately wanted :(.

Instead we went to a nearby Mexican restaurant they like. It was fine, but not why we spent $$$$ on a hotel to come for the fest, you know? My Mom and I should have just gone to the fest earlier in the day alone. And if anything, just met our friends later on after we'd done what we wanted to do. *shrug* I think we both knew that going in, but didn't go with our gut instinct. Lesson learned. Well, probably not. But whatever. My Mom was still glad we went. I didn't have a BAD time or anything, but don't think it was probably worth any of the money *shrug* And I missed my dogs sooooooo badly. I don't sleep well without Bella (and it didn't help that the room was HOT and the beds were uncomfy). I woke up every hour or two.

But back to the nite. At the restaurant I had...

-a frozen margarita (that my friend's boyfriend bought me while we waited for the table to be ready, so that was nice)
-a margarita on the rocks
-shrimp fajitas (I only ate the shrimp with sour cream though, they never brought me my corn tortillas, so I just made do)

I'm kind of a shrimpaholic. Shrimp and I go through periods of love and hate. I guess this is our honeymoon period.

I didn't think I was even hungry enough to eat, but of course after we got back to our hotel I felt hungry AFTER eating a little. Weird how that happens occasionally. I stupidly ordered a slice of the room service sugar free chocolate cake.

It doesn't look like it in the picture, but it was really small. And after the (too generous) tip I kinda accidentally gave, the tip I believe was already included I didn't know about, the original $8 price, and the $3 delivery fee, that was a $16 slice. Yep. Stupid indeed. Not sure what I was thinking. And they only brought us one ice water. We asked for two.

I mean it was OKish, but I wouldn't get it again. And the sauces on the plate were a very strange pairing.

I got on the internet for a little bit, but around 2 am (gasp, late for me these days and the second nite in a row), I passed right on out.

Well, except for the 184844 times I woke up missing Bellllllla.

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned:
Steps Taken: 10,107


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