Friday, September 17, 2010

Fun Day

September 16


-37 min crossramp
-10ish min stretching

Kinda funny... When I first got into the gym I HATED the crossramp. It felt like a torture machine. Now? It's currently the only cardio machine I can stand. The treadmill gives me the most endorphins, but also the most mental stress. The elliptical hurts my feet & doesn't burn as many cals as the other machines. But the cross ramp is juuust right. Who'da thunk? :-P

-brown rice gluten free english muffin with egg white puff, kraft single, 2 slices of veggie bacon, & grey poupon
-a few pineapple chunks
-venti soy misto w/ lots of cinnamon + a few drops of english toffee stevia (the cinnamon got too chunky, eww)

I don't understand how my breakkie pics keep going missing?!

Edit: Umm and now these 2 just reappeared on my camera. WEIRD just got weirder :-P.

My Mom always laughs at me because I buy mostly healthy, all natural (blah blah blah) groceries, but I LOVE me a kraft single ;). Sorry, but they are delicious.

Morning Vitamins:


Usually I only help my Mom out with Kendyll on Tuedays, but she asked me to please help again today, so I did. We had pretty much the most fun day ever, and we always have fun, so that's saying something. But for the first time we actually left her apartment and took her out in the world sans her Mom. We took her to Target, the mall, & Pei Wei (just for takeout, but still). Such a good, fun, funny girl!

But first, the little lady needed some lunchies:

Oh yeah, I think she likes her chicken noodle soup, what about you? Well, the noodles and broth anyway. The chicken was mostly left behind.

We were a little worried about the whole car seat situation, but damn the man, I'm an old pro ;)

I promise she likes me, it's just hard to capture a self-taken pic with a baby & pressing the right button when we're both smiling at the same time, LOL.

SEE! Pretty much since the day she was born she's always grabbed onto my fingers :). So cute.

OK, OK, enough already....Let's eat, Manda! Again. (Usually this girl just wants carby finger foods, if that, but she ate, literally, nonstop ALL day. Good girl!)

Did I mention she says my name? Manda, anyway. As far as I know, she doesn't really say anyone else's. Besides mama, dada, etc, of course. Love. I think she said Bob once this week (my Dad) when we said Uncle Bob was calling. Which is also kinda funny, because she's only seen him maybe a handful of times. But I guess Bob is really easy to say, LOL. We've been trying for weeks to get her to say Nanshee (my Mom= Nancy), but it's too hard for her. We've worked her up to Na-Na or Nanee....something like that, so that works! Isn't it fun when babies start talking?

-a few veggie straws (again, Kendyll took over lol. she is OBSESSED)

-a scoop of chicken salad
-about 1/2 of a small mandarin orange souffle (again,

obviously KK got to it before the camera ;)

Kendyll can be hard to feed, but it seems like in many things me and her have the same palette, so that's helpful! She also seems to hate meat, she'll almost never eat any. I'm trying to think of other ways to get her some protein in, but I'm sure she's fine as is. Nicole (her mama), said she does like meatballs, so maybe she's just not into white meat?

The chicken salad was a little dry, but I've always loved Neiman Marcus Cafe's chicken salad, so I got it for old times sake.

-chai flavored iced tea

I was gonna go to use my treat receipt a la Starbucks, but momentarily forgot & got the tea. Oops. Oh well, no cal tea > high (ish) cal and sugar 'Bux. I think it worked out.

-a few bites of fried rice
-a few bites of brown rice
-a few bites of tofu in a green thai curry sauce

Pei Wei was off their game tonite. Everything was just mediocre at best. Boo. I don't think I'm even going to finish any of it.

-strawberry banana smoothie

Nite Time Vitamins....

I hate taking Vitamins!!!

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 2,804
Steps Taken: 16,672

I was excited to make it to the coveted (in my mind, at least) 3,000 calorie daily burn mark. I fell a little short, but still did awesome. The joys of chasing around a baby (well, that and working out). Great combo!

Night, night.


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