Thursday, September 23, 2010

Frozen Yogurt Heaven

September 21


-33 minutes crossramp

-egg white puff with kraft single on slice of sourdough with grey poupon
-organic green tea with lemon juice

Went to work for a couple hours and then left to watch Kendyll yet again. It was the last time I'd be able to for the week, so once again I got the best of both worlds :).

-venti iced americano with a splash of soy + cinnamon

-pei wei ginger broccoli tofu & shrimp with brown rice

Supes good. I never thought to order shrimp at pei wei before, but my cousin wanted some, so I asked if they'd do tofu (my faaaaaave there) and shrimp and they did. What a combo. YUM.

Silly Girl Alert:


-frozen yogurt with fruit (taro & original flavors)

(Thanks to my friend Dana) I love taro!

I grabbed jack fruit thinking it was mango. It's really good too! And they had lychees! The actual yogurt was only so-so, but I'm impressed by the selection.

It was Kendyll's first fro-yo, I think. She LOVED it. Hers was original yogurt with oreos.

Ohhh yeah that's the stuff, Manda!

Yeaaah, I think she liked it just a little. High chair time :-P

MMM, MMM Good.

TV time:

Aaaand sugar crash. Or, just regular nap time. Whatever.

Hours & Hours later:

-homemade popcorn with coconut oil spray, cinnamon, chocolate protein powder, truvia, white choc peanut butter

Next time I'd figure out a way to get more pb in with every bite, but it was good!

-part of a baked sweet potato with cottage cheese and sunflower seed butter topped with lots of cinnamonn, as usual (ate maaaybe 1/3?)

I wasn't really hungry when I had this, but I tried to get a little bit down to have more than just popcorn for dinner lol

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 2,481
Steps Taken: 11,595


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