Sunday, September 26, 2010

Amazing Grass Lovin'

Just call me a BAD, BAD blogger.

Amazing Grass sent me an amazing package a few months ago that I have neglected to write about...until now.

I want to apologize to them 10,000 times for waiting so long for this post. I REALLY, REALLY appreciate everything I was sent. And lemme tell you, they sent me some amazing samples. (legal info blahblah blah, I was not paid for this review, but was given these samples for free blah blah blah).

I got:

4 Superfood Bars (berry, chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, and original)

I *still* haven't tried these, but I know I've tried one in the past. It was either chocolate or original. Yes, it tastes (and looks) "green," but it's still good. Not as weird and hippyish as you might imagine :-P. Try it! They've all got really great stats, ingredients, etc.

3 packets of Amazing Meal (pomegranate mango infusion, chocolate infusion, and original blend)

Again, I am bad, bad, because I haven't tried these, but don't fret, now that I've brought them up I WILL be using them asap.

4 packets of Green Superfood (chocolate, original, berry, and lemon lime)

2 packets of Kidz Superfood (original and wildberry)

I haven't tried these flavors, but I have tried the chocolate one. Very good! A GREAT addition to protein pancakes.

& finally, 1 packet of organic wheat grass.

I put this in a smoothie once and I couldn't taste it at ALL. Which I'd say is a good thing. Ya get in your nutrients, but don't have to suck down that grass taste. To be completely honest, I do remember getting a slight stomachache after, BUT I'm (VERY) prone to stomachaches ugh, and I can't even be sure the wheat grass was to blame. I'll let you know what happens next time I try it out. Love that it supports body alkalinity.

Thanks Amazing Grass, you really are amazing! ;)

Wondering what that big container is? Well, I won it in a giveaway, so they went ahead and sent it in the same package (smart!) It's a 15-serving container of chocolate Amazing Meal. Niiice!

I think I'm set for awhile. Score!

Love that their products also include probiotics. I just can't get over their awesome ingredient lists.

Stay tuned for further reviews as I eat and drink my way through their generous package.


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  1. I've tried the amazing meal packets, the Pomegranet was my fav but they were all good. I haven't gotten to try any of their other products tho.