Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Start Fresh

August 22


-7 or 8 min treadmill
-25ish min weights (shoulders & abs)
-5 min treadmill

I can't believe I actually woke up to workout. I stayed up reading 'til 3 am. And still got in my morning workout. Dedication, baby.

But also gave me a case of the Monday's. So tired and eh all day.

-the leftover half of my breakfast sandwich from yesterday
-cut up pluot
-leftover piece of cantaloupe
-the last of the honey bran muffin

-leftover tuna steak
-leftover garlic quinoa/brown rice
-2 veggie dolmas
-half of a sugar free jello
-tazo refresh herbal iced tea

I sure hate jello. I'm trying anything and everything to help the brittle ends of my nails to grow, but this = probably not helpful anyway. No mas. Vitamins, lotions, oils, & polishes it is.

-tall double shot iced soy latte

-clif c cherry pomegranate fruit bar

-a tiny piece of sourdough bread with a sample of herby goat cheese spread

Went to see The Other Guys at the movie grill....

-shared chicken nachos & southwestern salad with honey mustard
-water with lemon & stevia

My Dad always seems to get me to share chicken with him at the movie grill. The nachos were super good, but I felt so heavy after.

As far as the movie goes. Um yeah. It had some funny one liners, but overall pretty dumb. I fell asleep for a few minutes. Oh well.

-DELISH mint chocolate chip coconut milk ice cream (best flavor yet & least cals @ 140/serving + only 10 grams of sugar)

Next time I'm adding a vitamuffin to the mix, you better believe it.

I'm not even going to begin to count calories. That's just RIDICULOUS. Gonna start fresh tomorrow.

Speaking of a fresh start, I've started to take vitamins again. With breakfast I take a biotin, multivitamin, fish oil, & glucosamine/chondroitin. With din-din I take another fish oil another g/c, and a d-3. Hoping that will help my immune system/nails/joints/muscles.

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 2,358
Steps Taken:

I don't know if it's the body bugg's fault, the gym making me sore, or just a coincidence, but my left tricep (where I wear the body bugg, 'cause um, you have to) is bugggggging me (no pun initially intended, but....body bugg indeed!!). I kind of want to stop wearing it for a bit for comfort's sake, but curiosities sake gets the best of me and I keep on truckin' along in discomfort.


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