Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pizza, Pizza

August 25

Didn't have time for breakfast again and I had to be at the office extra early today. Luckily, the nonprofit we let use our group room on Wednesday mornings had a birthday & one of them brought a catered breakfast and let all of us help ourselves. Suhweet!

-a few bites of scrambled eggs (normally I hate scrambled eggs and they hurt my stomach, but these weren't half bad)
-a few bites of cheesy hash browns (GOOD)
-a carrot muffin (GOOD)
-a few bites of a pancake...maybe 1/3? (no sweetener or anything, not sure why I grabbed this. I don't even like regular pancakes)
-2 cups of coffee with hazelnut soy creamer (GOOD. The creamer was my own I brought from home to try out)

Yeah, not healthy, but better than the donuts and kolaches they usually bring. Not that I usually eat those, but....still. Just saying.

Sleepy raincoat boy:


Had a much needed hour massage. Ahhh.

-leftover orange roughy
-spinach and artichoke dip + plain artichoke dip
-1 slice of buttermilk sour dough

Hurt my belly :(.

Just 2 ridic work pics today, at the end of the day:

I didn't feel like cooking, plus I really just wanted to get in bed and snuggle up with some food and BIG BROTHER!

-2 slices of little caesars cheese pizza that I added organic suateed spinach + raw organic tomatoes to (PHENOM)
-side salad (organic spinach, organic tomatoes, goat cheese crumbles, garlic gold nuggets, organic olive oil, organic balsamic vinegar)
-root beer


-the last 2 or 3 bites of mint choc chip coconut milk ice cream
-the last few chocolate covered almond milk ice cream bites (like little bon bons)
-half a warmed vitatop

Still not quite getting the whole healthy living thing down this week. What a week. I worked 10 hours today (well, minus the hour massage, but hey it was in the office lol). But busy or not, that doesn't mean I can't eat well.

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned:
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