Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lump Sum

I've been having some severe back pain that has deterred me from posting 'til now, but here's a bunch of days all running together :-P

July 31

-2 egg whites with creamed spinach (spinach sauteed in olive oil with cream cheese mixed in...a little too runny grr)
-grapes & organic strawberries
-iced coffee via

-2 pieces of bruschetta (brown rice bread topped with garlic, italian laughing cow wedge, basil, oregano, cut up cherry tomatoes, a drizzle of truffle olive oil, sprinkle of pink salt & cooked in the oven for 20 min to get the bread nice and crispy and the tomatoes nice and bursty)

-half of a carrot cake clif bar

I started to make dinner (yellow curry with tofu & veggies),but my Mom asked if I wanted Cheesecake Factory delivery. Um, yes. My dinner can wait 'til tomorrow. It's thai-ish, which tastes better as leftovers anyway :).

-glass of white wine mixed w/ seltzer

-rare tuna tataki salad (greens, tuna, avocado, tomato)...DELISH.
-1 pita triangle loaded with white bean hummus (only so-so, not great hummus)
-the rest of the wine

-1/3 slice of chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake with whipped cream & strawberries

Probably the worst dessert health-wise ever, but one of the tastiest. Hence why I split it into thirds (it's not a large slice and it's still OVER 1,000 calories. Yikes trikes).

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 2,079
Steps Taken: 5,782

Once again, not enough work outs, but better than none :). (For reminder, each sticker references a workout, altho I was pretty darn active on my vaca...)

August 1

-half of a carrot cake clif bar


-35 min elliptical
-15ish min stretching

-About 1/3 of a GIANT egg white omelet with spinach & cream cheese
-breakfast potatoes with ketchup
-half of an eng muffin with jam
-coffee with english toffee stevia

-sam's samples (kids yogurt, cheese pizza, a bite of a disgusting eggo waffle, soy milk)

-small pepsi (asked for a coke, hate pepsi grr)

When I first took a sip I said it was a fantastic Coke, but I noticed it had a weird after taste. After I told my Dad he admitted it was Pepsi. Grr! Kinda funny though as soon as I knew it was Pepsi it was gross-tasting from then on. Ha. The mind is a funny thing. Even though I hate all soda for the most part, it was just one of those hot-day cravings.

When I got home I felt really, really sick. My Dad made me some soup and told me to drink some vitamin water, but I remembered I had some Recharge laying around. Basically, it's an all natural Gatorade (sans the chemicals, dyes, etc). Good stuff.

-chicken noodle soup (didn't want the crappy chicken, but desperate times...)
-recharge electrolyte drink

I wanted some veggie soup (or even just broth), but we only had southwestern kind, which would defeat the purpose of helping my stomach. I felt like I had heat stroke or anything, but even though it's OVER 100 degrees here, I only walk from parking lots into buildings, so I don't think it could be? It was just bizarre...I went from feeling a little tired but overall fine (sans a backache I've had since last Monday....) to feeling like CRAP. I mean bad. Stomachache, chills, headache, muscle aches all over, etc. SUCK. The soup & drink helped, but wasn't a cure-all. But I'm glad I reluctantly ate/drank that or I don't know how long or how bad I would have felt that horrible.

-a little bit of choc pb coconut milk ice cream

-the last bite or two of my cheesecake (don't even get me started. my dad ate most of what I was saving. After I told him he couldn't even have one bite...)

Body Bugg Stats: Calories Burned: 2,258
Steps Taken: 10,188

Nope, I didn't eat the thai "leftovers." Hey, I was sick. Sue me.

August 2

Tossed and turned all nite in severe pain. For the second nite in a row, only worse this time. Finally got up at 7 to pee and took 4 advil and got comfortable enough to sleep a few more hours, but then woke up in severe pain. Oh, joy.

I went with my Mom to run some errands and get her allergy shot & go to her sleep doctor's appt that's like 45 min-1 hr ish away from where we live to keep her company. Bad move. She told me I didn't have to come since I'm in pretty bad shape (before she had asked me to please come), but I figured I could be in pain at home or be in pain out and about & being out and about sounded like something that could at least get my mind off of my pain. Wrong. PLUS, I was excited because she said she'd take me to this salad place that was on the way that I had once and really really liked. Um yeah. Not only was my Mom in a stressful/testy mood the entire ride, the freaking salad place wasn't there anymore. Dammit. I could have been at home watching tv and youtube and making delicious brownie protein pancakes or something. But no, I picked up some shitty food from the place next door to where the salad place used to be. And it hurt my stomach to boot. Greeeeat.

-side of lowfat tuna salad
-side of artichoke rice
-2 melba toasts

It was so bizarre. ALL of the food tasted like nothing. It had texture, of course, but NO taste. Weird.

-16 oz fresh apple/pear/ginger juice from whole foods

I'm not a big ginger fan, but thought it might help my stomach. It may have a tiny bit, but I still would have preferred the juice without it. It was still good, but idk...def not as good as that same combo I had in RI last week that was amazing. And it was kind of thick too.

I was also SUPER disappointed that Whole Foods decided to voluntarily pull their house-made Kombucha for the time being. DAMMIT. I still have 2 or 3 stockpiled synergy's in my fridge that I'm scared to drink because dammit, who knows when the stuff is coming back. I love synergy, but the WF kind was sooooooooooooooooo good too. Ugh Ugh.

-a few sips of a small coke

-thai salad (pretty much just ate the greens & few crispy wontons with honey mustard....ate it with my hands too because the menu lied and it had other ingredients than what it said and I didn't know if my stomach could handle peppers, onions, etc. Annoying).

Went to see Salt with my Dad @ the movie grill where we have free tickets for Mon-Thurs only. aka the worst days to have movie tickets to when you have a job :-P. Especially my Dad, who usually works 'til 8ish. I really wanted to see Inception, but considering it's 2.5 hours and it was on the earliest, I didn't know if I could handle it. Probably the right move, since around an hour into the movie I started getting uncomfortable. Salt was pretty good. Not super great, but worth seeing. Glad we went.

Before we went I put on one of these chinese medicated pain patches. At first it helped so much. The pain wasn't gone, but it made it bearable. Too bad the relief only lasted maybe an hour or so, and then the pain came back FULL force. Not cool.

-1 slice of toasted chia bread with light vegan butter & superfruit jam
-recharge electrolyte drink

Wanted to take one of my leftover hydrocodones from when I had surgery, but figured I needed more in my stomach than a few spinach leaves. Plus I was curious to try the bread.

WF was pushing this bread and I had to bite (literally, har har). Chia seeds just fascinate me. It tastes pretty good. Kind of like popcorn, oddly. Not sure if I'd buy it again, but I'm glad I tried it. I'm curious to see what my Dad thinks. He's the one who introduced me to chia seeds and he's a big bread guy. Although he didn't act as excited as I was when I told him about it :-P.

-chicken noodle soup

I don't believe in comfort foods (at least not for myself. I don't really associate food with emotions), but it's so weird how noodle soups just help you feel better, at least a little.

Calories Burned: 2,005
Steps Taken: 3,054


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