Monday, August 30, 2010

Bag It

August 30


-32 min elliptical

Only slept about 4 hours last nite. I stayed up all nite reading a barista livejournal to read the funny comments about them bitching about customers. I need a life, haha. I decided to wake up anyway, since the extra hour I'd be able to sleep max wouldn't be as helpful as getting my heart pumping! I felt pretty crappptastic or else I would have gone for the treadmill.

-small clean eating brownie waffle with a little white choc pb
-tiny egg white puff with a little red pepper goat cheese with a slice of smoked salmon on top
-iced coffee via

-leftovers from last nite (filet mignon, creamed corn, snap peas, mashed potatoes)
-half of a small sweet iced tea

I think the steak may have even been better leftover. That NEVER happens. =-o

-leftover cheesecake

-2 pieces of margherita pizza with marinara sauce
-water with lemon

After work, I "forced" my Dad to go to the movie grill with me to see a documentary, Bag It. It's about plastic, in particular plastic bags and other throw-away-after-one-use toxic, plastic items. Sounds mundane & hippy dippy trippy, but it was well done and entertaining. Very Morgan Spurlock-esque (aka the guy who did Super Size Me). They also had a couple people who work for the city in the litter & recycling departments do a brief talk after to tell a little bit about the grocery stores they are working with. It's one of the few movies I've seen recently that I haven't fallen asleep in, lol. Kind of ironic it's about plastic, while the others are highly action-packed, but 'tis the truth.

Although nearly everyone was drinking out of plastic straws throughout the movie (including the recycling lady, while she was giving her speech), my Dad and I seemed to be the only one who left with STYROFOAM to-go boxes. It was pretty embarrassing LOL.

-2 mini veggie corn dogs with lots of mustard

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned
: 2,490
Steps Taken: 11,043

So far the week is going pretty good. MUCH faster already than last week. PHEW.


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