Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back in Action

As I've said many times before, so sorry for the delay in posting. Aside from being busy, I seem to have either caught a bug or at least become deeply affected by allergy season.

I don't want to bombard you with (just over) a weeks worth of catch up all at once, so I'll try to break it down. Most of the days only cover the food anyway, so while nothing terribly exciting, at least it should be a quicker recap than usual.

I also want to apologize not only to my readers, but the companies I have promised reviews and/or giveaways to. I will still be getting on those ASAP.

And I haven't forgotten to finish my trip recap either. Phew, I really am behind. But you know me, I always get back on track eventually.

So without further ado, let's start with last Saturday & Sunday:

August 7


-35 min elliptical

Can't believe I woke up BEFORE 8 am on a Saturday. Especially after drinking (not copious amounts, but still more than 1 or 2) + going to sleep late-ish (1:30ish maybe?). I'm a trooper ;).

-The hugest smoothie/protein shake I've made in a looooong while, if ever (packet of starbucks via instant coffee mixed with water, 1 scoop chocolate whey protein powder, half of a large banana, a sprinkle of guar gum, a sprinkle of xanthan gum, ice)

Holy thickening agents, Batman. That guar & xanthan really do their job well. My drink expanded from taking up somewhere between 1/3-1/2 of the blender to almost filling it. I had 3 full glasses, when usually I only have one.

-a couple bites of leftover salmon & zucchini kabob (no good as leftovers, taste tested it and then tossed it)
-a lil leftover rice
-gf crackers + roasted red pepper hummus

I don't really like to eat fish more than a day after it was prepared. This would have been borderline, but my Mom put it in her mini fridge in her room and somehow it froze! Yuck. I'm surprised I attempted to eat it at all.

-leftover fish from last nite
-leftover creamed corn from last nite

I'm almost positive the fish was halibut, not red snapper like they said. It was just too thick and hearty to be snapper. Hmmm.

-single serving bag of parmesan & herb baked lays
-large unsweetened iced tea with a tiny splash of sweet tea on top

Not a fan of the chips. I wouldn't get that flavor again I don't think, but I always like to try the new ones. Plus, I was really hungry and knew dinner wouldn't be ready for awhiiile.

-veggie lasagna I made
-side salad (organic spinach topped with organic olive oil & organic balsamic)

The lasagna didn't turn out that great (stupid supposed-to-cook in oven noodles), but I still ate my serving and then some. Hey, it wasn't ready 'til 10 pm. I wasn't about to start over with something new.

-all natural vanilla bean ice cream with raspberries & half of a sliiiightly heated chocolate vitamuffin


Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 2,430
Steps Taken: 12,069

August 8

-egg white omelet with lox, herby cream cheese, spinach, & tomato
-side of cheese grits
-side of veggie sausage
-whole wheat toast with strawberry butter
-coffee with chocolate stevia

Only had about half of everything, but I came home an hour or two later & finished the rest with some agua. I also put maple syrup on the second veggie sausage. My faaaaaaaave. It just goes so good together!

-half of a luna protein bar (choc pb)

Still not my fave bar, but this flavor was much more to my liking than their cookie dough flavor (which I didn't even finish)


-10 min treadmill warm up
-about 45 minutes weights etc (abs & shoulders)
-5 min treadmill cool down

-half of a Kashi spinach & mushroom pizza with extra pizza sauce (aka 1.5 servings)
-salad (organic spinach, homemade honey mustard, crumbled honey goat cheese, tiny bit of black pepper)

MMMMMM. My Dad didn't believe me that you can make honey mustard by mixing honey & mustard, LOL. Um, duh! :). LOVE this dinner. So easy and simple, but sooo good. Kashi spinach & mushroom pizza FTW.

-1/2 of a warmed chocolate vitamuffin with raspberries over 1/2 a cup of natural vanilla bean ice cream

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 2,451
Steps Taken: 11,086


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