Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pants on the Ground

July 13


-5 min treadmill jogging (warm up)
-about 30 min weights? Didn't keep track. Arms & legs.
-about 10 min stretching
-5 min treadmill walking (cool down)

I did hammer squats on this machine for the first time. I thought they were going to be miserable, but um, can you say obsessed? I was so sore RIGHT AWAY, even before I finished my third (and even second, really) set, but I LOVED them! Feel the buuurn, baby. It was great. Looking forward to doing those again. I just love arms & legs day, what can I say?

-chocolate cherry protein shake (chocolate protein powder, almond milk, 10 frozen cherries, a little bit of hemp seeds, a little ice)

It's so weird: Every time I make a protein shake and taste it I think it's so gross, but if I leave it alone to melt a little it becomes delish. I still prefer banana as my fruit/sweetener, but we were out. Cherries are pretty good in protein shakes, just not my faaave. I also meant to have a nectarine on the side, but forgot.

-grande soy latte

-half of a salmon/feta/roasted red pepper pinwheel
-half of a corn on the cob
-fruit (cherries/organic strawberries/blueberries/raspberries)
-broccoli with hummus

I ate this at diff times over the course of the whole afternoon.

-sample of organic merlot @ Central Market

-single serve bowl of chicken "pho"

Central Market had this single-serving portion. I wouldn't call it real pho. It was OK, but a little too bland. I added hot sauce and a dash of soy. It needed jalapenos (and more bean sprouts and more basil). They gave a random red chili and green chili pepper, but all the pho I've ever had used sliced jalapeno. *shrug* I really wish it came with shrimp or even beef (in general, but also because the chicken was dry), but alas. There wasn't much meat anyway, so it doesn't matter much. I almost got this shrimp in peanut sauce noodle dish, but it had dyes/chemicals like yellow 5 in it. Ugh, why? So unnecessary. No thank you. At least the faux-Pho had pretty clean ingredients. It was also comforting, but still light. Just what I needed. It was one of those meals where you feel sick and tired and you know you need to eat, but nothing in particular sounds good. I just knew I didn't want to cook, lol.

-egg roll with honey flavored goat cheese, extra honey, and a few white chocolate chips and a few dark chocolate chips
-a cut up nectarine
-a few cut up organic strawberries

-herba tussin tea with honey & lemon

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 2,420
Steps Taken: 10,039

I haven't weighed myself in a few days or maybe even a week *gasp*, but at last glance I weighed the same if not more than I have lately. HOWEVER, my fave pair of pj pants are literally falling off of me to the point where I almost can't wear them anymore, even tied. Hopefully that means I'm building muscle or at least changing my shape or something (for the better, ha). :-P. We'll normal jeans have been loose for awhile, but they're stretchy, so that doesn't necessarily say much.

Random Pics of the Day:

Wanna see one reason I'm lovin' pencil skirts? They make me feel rather large on the whole but...

They give me a booooty :-P. Oh yeah. Haha.
got that pendant at a craft show, thought it was pretty cool
Flowerssss. The bouqet I got was so big it filled up 2 of my fave vases. Gotta love it. Two-toned flowers are my faves. Preferably tulips, but these work too!



  1. You're supposed to take off the leaves on the roses :) The leaves are just there to absorb the sunlight when they are growing but once they are cut, you can get rid of most of them, unless you want to have a few on top for looks.

  2. Yeah, I forgot I bought the flowers and by the time I remembered to cut them/put them in water, I didn't feel like messing with them. Oops. I always prick myself on the thorns (and always forget they have thorns until AFTER I get home and can't pick a diff flower), so I tried to do the least work possible. I know it looks ugly though haha. :-x. I hate all those leaves! That's cool tho about why they're there, I didn't know that was the reason! I just always took them off because I don't like how they look, I always wondered if that was bad or not, now I know :)