Monday, July 12, 2010

Online Cart Thiefs!!

July 11

-omega blueberry/cinnamon/flax oatmeal
-starbucks iced via

Pre-breakfast breakfast ;)

Went bowling with my Dad again. It was fun! I like it now that I don't get all gutter balls, haha.

Then, 4 games later, we went to breakfast for real.

-fitness omelet (egg whites, tomato, broccoli, mushrooms)
-a couple bites of my dad's honey bran muffin
-fruit (1 orange segment, 1 pineapple segment, a few grapes)
-1 slice of wheat toast with pb & orange marmalade
-small grapefruit juice
-coffee w/ english toffee stevia

-samples @ sam's

LOL @ what I saw at Sam's. On a shelf with oreos (and other processed foods), they had a sign that said "no chemicals allowed on this shelf." LOL. I know they meant like cleaning solutions or whatever, but it just made me laugh, because ALL of the "food products" on the shelves are mostly made of chemicals :-P.

UGH totally unrelated, but VENT VENT VENT. For the second time this week I put something in my online cart and went to pay and suddenly it's sold out. NOT COOL.

The first was for a pair of Christian Louboutin's I've wanted for MONTHS. The color I want (nude) has been sold out for awhile and I happened to see 8.5's back in stock. I probably need an 8, but I figured it was fate and worth a shot. I guess not. *pout*

THEN, 2 days ago (or maybe yesterday, I forget), I put a pair of cropped Lululemon pants in my cart. Today, I went so far as to set up the payment method for them a la PayPal. Well, stupid paypal was taking its sweet ass time processing my card, so I went to quickly browse another site while it did its thing. By the time I went back to paypal to check on the transaction, they had logged me out and my size was no longer available. Whyyyyyy? I'm sort of thinking about sizing down, but these are from their "loot" section (aka final sales), so it's probably a bad idea. BOO.

-cherrrries (rainier & the reg purple kind)

Ate dinner at 9 pm again...

-6 little shrimp in teriyaki sauce (my Dad said next time I need to make double lol, they did shrink a little when cooked...I was OK with 6, but 9 would have prob been a better serving *shrug*)
-brown rice
-side salad (organic mixed greens, broccoli, organic baby carrots, sliced tomato, flavored goat cheese crumbles, a few crumbled snap pea crisps, organic italian dressing, black pepper)

I bought a hugh jass bag of broccoli at Sam's my dad doesn't think there's anyway I'll finish, so we'll see....or rather, YOU'LL see a lot of broccoli this week, beware. :-P

For dessert I made up a new egg roll concoction: this time I went with chocolate hazelnut spread & strawberries. I also cut off the extra dough on the ends, so it would seem more filled. Bad idea. It kind of oozed out the sides and then burnt a little. Still good, though.

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 2,538
Steps Taken: 10,439


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