Thursday, July 1, 2010

No Bueno.

June 28

-peach chobani greek yogurt (mmmm, prob my fave after pomegranate)

On the way to work our car died in the middle of the road. OH NOES. Well, actually we got it to drive to an intersection. Bad news was people had to pass us to turn, but at least we were by an island, so we could step outside (it was HOT outside, but HELL HOT in the car). My Dad came to rescue us after about half an hour, but the tow truck didn't get there for nearly an hour. At least we got to sit in my Dad's car w/ the a/c on for part of the time. But it still was suckish. Especially because I had SO MUCH work to do and I barely got to do any of it. I didn't even leave the office 'til after 6, but I GOT there at 3:20 after getting towed, getting to the dealership, getting a rental, getting Starbucks, and getting lunch (Panera! yum). Grr. My Dad had set aside a few hours for us to get together to work (something we desperately need to do to touch base over various projects), but alas it was not in the cards.

-grande iced soy latte

-cup of vegetable pesto soup
-side greek salad
-small apple

Panera can be pretty hit or miss with me. I don't go often, so when I do I always have it built up in my head as this amazing place. Half the time (or more) I end up feeling disappointed, like the food is only so so. Today it was good stuff. Especially since I'm trying to cut way back on bread, and the only other fast lunch places I could think of only really have meat or sandwiches.

-a bite of corn bread
-iced tea
-a bunch of pain killers

I don't know if it was from being in the heat or allergies or what, but I had a terrible neck/muscle/headache. No bueno.

-small container of mango (eaten in Whole Foods parking lot. Huungry lol)

-side salad (organic mixed greens, local organic cherry tomatoes, goat feta crumbles, & greek feta dressing)
-about 1.5 artichoke/feta/lemon fritters
-2 small pieces of catfish baked w/ vegan butter, lemon juice, & capers

-slice of warm strawberry rhubarb pie

I forgot I'm trying to cut back on sugar too, but um I'm a sugarwhore. And strawberry rhubarb is good. And warmed up? Forget about it.

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 2,324
Steps Taken: 6,688


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