Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Hour(s)

July 16

-bowl of gluten free cinnamon chex cereal with almond milk


-treadmill for 23 minutes (about half jogging, half walking)

-cherries & blueberries
-iced coffee via

Fairly soon after...

-side salad (organic mixed greens, sweet peppers, grape tomatoes, honey mustard)

Forgot my salad dressing. Again. My Dad found a random honey mustard for me. It was all natural and pretty tasty, it worked.

-champagne, pomegranate liquor, and orange juice cocktail
-shrimp cocktail
-ahi tuna appetizer with wasabi and salad greens
-2 vodka sodas with a splash of cran
-half of a chilean seabass with 1 shrimp on top
-sauteed garlic spinach
-glass of moscato (I asked for sparkling wine, but whatever)
-at least 1/2 of a marg (I didn't order it, but I don't like wasted alchy! lol)

Ate pretty natural, just drank a lot of booze. My bad. A "quick" happy hour turned into over 3 hours (hence the long, long list). Yeahhh.

Then, we went to pick up my asthma medicines using my new insurance. They kept saying the card didn't have the right info, even though it's the only card I have. So frustrating. They were closing, but eventually figured out a way to give them to me for something like $170. Still insane (they're supposed to be $35 each with insurance) instead of the $300+ they originally insisted we pay. Hopefully we can figure out why the $170 though. I realize there are deductibles, especially since this is my first time using the new insurance, but we thought mine was $50. Whatever. It's irritating and I kind of wanted to be able to breathe, so you know. Nothing important or anything, but..:-P

When we got home I started to heat up a vegan egg roll, but riiight when the oven was almost fully preheated I decided, false alarm, I was no longer hungry. Phew.

Still jogged in place for awhile to get the rest of my steps & cals in. Just made it!

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 2,323
Steps Taken: 10,916


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