Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Anniversary (/Birthday, America, lol)

July 4

Happy Anniversary (aka adoption day) to me and theloveofmylife aka my dog, Bella! Yay. I can't believe I've had my little bear for 7 years now. WOW. She's still my puppy :).

-one blueberry scone warmed up

Delish once it was heated! At first I was annoyed my Dad put the leftovers in the fridge (my brother inhaled almost all of them fresh out of the oven yesterday. Seriously, he ate FIVE in one sitting), but since heating them made them even better, and I wouldn't have done that otherwise, he was forgiven :-P.

I was still a starvin' Marvin', but my Dad insisted before breakfast we go bowling (it's something like $2/game on Sundays before noon). Well, I didn't have to go, but I wanted to. Kinda. Anyway...

-2 egg whites
-1 slice of toast (1/2 with mixed berry jam)
-3 tomato slices

gave my Dad half the toast
my fave flavor of low-quality jam. Surprised the bowling alley had it!

Believe it or not, I ate this at the bowling alley. It was supposed to be a pre-breakfast breakfast LOL. But ended up just being the one. Not bad, not bad at all. The place I really wanted to eat at is pretty far from my house and we wouldn't have gotten there until after 1 pm. We didn't want to end up not bbqing until 8 or 9 pm, so I semi-reluctantly said we could just go next week.

Man, though, bowling was kind of annoying. I did really good for me, but first we had some kids next to us who don't know the rules of courtesy (obviously), and then when they left, this lady came by who quickly became my Dad's #1 fan. See, my Dad is a pretty good bowler. He's on leagues, etc. Not to mention, he's been working on a new technique and was having an extra-good day. For example, he got a 223 the game she started watching him. Well, apparently she's taking a bowling class and was looking for pointers. She even asked my Dad if he taught lessons lol. It was kind of annoying. I was like hmm is she hitting on him or just looking for bowling help :-P. IDK, it was weird.

And then, when we tried to leave she was asking me if we're related (um we look just like each other, but I guess she had to ask. She was like "I figured, but you never know I just had to ask," kind of implying I could have been his wife or something. But again, who cares. Except, um, creepy and weird, much?), and then asked if I'm in college (told her I graduated a year ago), asked if I had a job, what my Dad did (because I told her I work in the fam biz), what our nonprofit was about, etc. I wanted to be like, "look, we're trying to leave here, why do you care?" LOL. I was nice though. And then she told me I should probably lock my purse up next time. Oook. I mean, I guess she was trying to be nice, but why tell me at the end? I don't know. Again, it was just an odd experience.

Not to mention, a HUGE group of people came to bowl together and it seemed like they were a mix of friends/family getting together for the holiday or whatever, but they were walking around the entire place getting in front of everyone while they tried to bowl (since their lanes weren't all right next to each other 100%), socializing, etc. Which is fine if they just wanted to hang out, but they showed worse bowling courtesy than the kids. I actually hate the bowling courtesy rules myself LOL (having to wait to bowl 'til the people on either side of you take their turns, etc), but I still follow them :-P. It was just a frustrating bowling day in general, aside from the fact that I scored 92, 90, and 114. Usually I'm more of a 40-65er. Yeah, I'm bad. But improving ;).


After we left, we went to Sam's Club (for no reason really, but I digress). I thought I was going to stay pretty full from those egg whites anyway, but not even 5-10 minutes after I said that I got REALLY HUNGRY again. I know they say when you get hungry out of nowhere it's supposed to be more an emotional hunger, because physical hunger takes time, but seriously I think my body is just out of whack, because I usually go from full to starving likethat, and I'm not an emotional eater. My Mom is like that too, I'll just chalk it up to genetics.

Luckily, I usually keep a bar stash in my purse...

-chocolate peppermint luna bar

Mmmm. I also had one bite/sample of salmon at Sam's and one bite/sample of a nectarine and cherry. They didn't have many samples out. Seems kinda dumb, since it was a holiday. They could have been hawking potato salad and hot dogs or something to last minute shoppers :-P. Oh well. I hate hot dogs, so it wouldn't have helped me, but just sayin'.

At Sprouts, I loaded up on the samples of fancy coffee. I had 4 of these sample cups.

I noticed another shopper kept going back for refills too, LOL.

& I had a small, organic lollipop. I asked my dad to get me a red one, meaning cherry, but he got strawberry. Not so good.

-random bites/licks/tastes (aka shoving whatever I could find in my mouth, while trying to still stay hungry enough to eat as much food from the grill as humanly possible, asap)

-most of a patron blackberry margarita

oops, that Jet Dry in the background doesn't look so appealing LOL

Meh, it was ok, but my Mom made me use a frozen mix. I'm not big on margs anyway, but especially not when I know they're high fructose corn syrup-laden. I tried to mix in some fruit so I could pretend it was alright for me, but then it was extra seedy. I should have just made mine with fresh lime juice & patron & a little sweetener. Much more my style.

-one salmon/feta/spinach burger (no bun) w/ goat cheese crumbles, mixed greens, tomato and homemade tartar-type sauce (nayonaise, dill relish, lemon juice, and a tiny squirt of organic ketchup. I made the sauce for my Dad and then he forgot to use it. Doh)
-corn on the cob
-baked beans

I'd been looking forward to that salmon burger for a week or two now. It was alright/kinda good, but had some sort of smoky flavor I wasn't quite expecting. It was very burger like too (duh, I know, but I almost forgot it was salmon and not turkey or something). My Mom and brother were loving the regular lean beef burgers. My Mom even said it was the best she's ever had. I'm also not big on burgers, so I don't feel I missed out, but that's quite a compliment! (to my Dad. I just prepped everything)

-chicken/spinach/feta sausage with a little mustard

Eh. Sausage has never been my thing (at all) and this didn't change that. Not bad, but also not worth eating meat for.

LOL @ me being super psyched for the bbq and I don't even technically like any of the foods. Yet I love grilling (well, I don't grill, but I love other people's grilling lol). I make no sense :).


-grilled peaches
-grilled pineapple
-warmed up angel food cake with a lemon marmalade filling in the middle

The grilled fruit wasn't as epic as I dreamed of, but it was alright. A little too charcoal-y. Can't wait 'til we get our new gas grill one of these days. Or maybe next year. *sigh*

I'm pretty sure I ate almost nonstop all day lol.

-a few bites of various tj's choccies (1 of each, except I had 3 of the mini pb cups that were stuck together lol)

In total it probably didn't even amount to a handful, but it was still just right.

We need a TJ's here soooo badly.

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 2,359
Steps Taken: 9,631

I had had a cute 4th of July OOTD (outfit of the day, for those not in the know lol) planned, but it wouldn't have worked out for bowling purposes, so I nixed it. Darn. Why am I the only douche who likes to wear red, white, and blue this day? I'm not even very patriotic. I just like the celebrate to the fullest! :). I feel silly though, since nobody else seems to care. Oh welll...

At least the pets were stylin':

I thought I took better pics than that. Damn, oh well. I stole the first one off my brother's facebook too. LOL @ the last one. Just call me an asshole: Blizzard, the large dog, is a boy. I only kept that on for the photo opp, but everyone thought I was oh-so-mean ;). Technically that was Bella's dress (the other dog in the pic), but I somehow bought it way too big, so I made Blizzy give it a try. Ha. I crack myself up.

Happy (now belated) 4th! Hope your holiday was great, if you're American. What'd you do?



  1. hi beautiful!
    sorry to hear you get back knots too...ugh. anyway love the muffins, the chocolates, all the yumminess over here :)

  2. I hate when people assume you're a girlfriend/wife when you go somewhere with your dad, that has happened to me a few times. It's even weirder/creepier considering I look even younger than I am!

    Are those TJ's chocolates still from when you visited me? If so, wow you have some willpower lol. I need another TJ's trip, it's been a few weeks. Luckily now my dad's car's ac is fixed (so we have ONE car with ac); last time the frozen/meltable stuff melted some even though it was in a cooler (too full to put the ice pack back in). I had a bag of the choc pretzels and it ended up as one huge piece lol.


  3. Yeah it was weird. I think she really did think I was his daughter, but to even make a comment was unnecessary! Who cares? Ugh. I wanted to be like "I'm his daughter, but he's married anyway" LOL

    The ones on the right are from when I visited you lol. The ones on the left are from last June in Boston. :-x. I wish we had TJ's so badly *sigh* That sucks about the pretzels! But yay for one a/c car. That sucks yours still doesn't work though.