Saturday, July 10, 2010

Goodbye Free Time, Hellllllo Big Brother!

July 8


-35 grueling minutes on the elliptical

I don't know if it was my body getting burnt out or if the machine was off, but even on the lowest resistance I felt like I was trying to push through bricks. I don't even know if that makes any sense, but it was tough. At least I finished.

-bowl of my new oatmeal (nature's path omega 3 optimum or something. it's cinnamon, blueberry, & flax flavor) with a semi-heaping teaspoon of raw cashew butter
-Starbucks new iced via iced coffee

I think I'd have to say I still like the hemp oatmeal the best, but this was really good!

I'm not sure what the hell my Dad does to get ready in the morning. In the time it took him to get ready for work I: fed the dogs, fed the cats, took a shower (including shaving and hair washing and conditioning), got online, got dressed, blew my hair dry, put on makeup, straightened my hair, made breakfast, and read a few pages in my new book. I mean...seriously. I know I get ready fast, but c'mon! What's that about? :-P.

-the other half of the leftover Kashi pizza from yesterday (still tasty, but not nearly as good nuked)
-way too many plain baby carrots (which helped me re-realize I don't like carrots, but I ate them anyway. Next time I need dippers or something)
-the rest of the leftover potato/white bean/other veggies in pesto thing from the other day

Got my fabulous hour table massage in the middle of the work day. Swoon. Everyone should be so lucky as to have massage therapists in their office :).

-12 mary's original gf crackers sandwiched with a little raw cashew butter (aka 6 nut butter lil sandwiches)
-part of an iced tea

Perfect lil snack to tide me over 'til dinner.

-sloppy lentils (aka sloppy joe sauce mixed with half a can of organic lentils) on 1 slice of yf/gf brown rice toast (plus the lentils on the side that didn't fit on the toast)
-side salad (organic mixed greens, sprinkle of this new flavored goat cheese with thyme/peppers/etc, tons of black pepper, and the last tiiiiny amt of natural ranch)

Soon after, I heated up the rotisserie chicken my Mom had for herself and it looked really good, so I mayyy have had like half a portion. Eaten with my hands. While standing over the stove.

My Mom's plate. I had maybe half that? If that?

-the rest of the pineapple from the 4th

Had to hurry up with dinner because BIG BROTHER IS BACK!! Whatever free time I had (read: none) is goooooone. I love me some BB. A little too much. WooHoo.

-shared a cheese plate I made for my mom and I (dill havarti, goat, brie, grapes, olives, strawberries, pear, mini organic dark chocolate chips, and some multigrain crackers I didn't touch)
-glass of sparkling red wine

To be honest, I was full by the time I finished making the cheese plate, but it was too fabu to pass up. Whatever, judge me, don't, we all do it occasionally ;).

-one bite of my Mom's strawberry cupcake.

I REALLY wanted red velvet after seeing Bethenny Frankel's wedding (and therefore, wedding cake), but I made do with what was around.

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 2,519
Steps Taken: 11,318


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