Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cookie Dough Eggroll?

July 5

-carrot cake clif bar

What I really wanted was an iced latte & oatmeal from Starbucks, but I didn't think I could get it down in time. My Mom and I were going for mani/pedi/eye brow waxes up the street and she was getting anxious about going, so I wolfed down one of my fave bars on the way.

So much for working today. I know it was a holiday for most, but our office was open. I was too tired to work out or even go in to work early with my Dad, so my Mom and I were just going to put in a brief appearance from 2-4 or so. I know it's not much, but we could have done something, at least. Only, the stupid nail place took SO LONG. I literally just soaked my feet in the water (which went from hot to cold....) for an hour before anyone came to work on me. Mani/pedis are torturous enough for me as is, but waiting too? I wanted to run away screaming of boredom before it even started, lol. We got there about 1 and didn't leave 'til about 3. So much for working. Normally we still would have gone in and just stayed later, but I had promised to go out with my friend at 4, so there was no point for me. My Mom called my Dad and he canceled this afternoon group and was left with only one patient for the day, so said she didn't really need to come in either unless she was dying to. Nope, not really ;). So we got the day off anyway. Oops.

After our nails, she picked up some lunch from this new wing place next door (well, she got grilled tenders, but whatever). I decided to order the cookie dough eggrolls, take a bite or two, and let my brother get fat off the rest LOL. Except the guy was out of egg roll wrappers. Nooo! Come on, cookie dough egg rolls, how amazeballs does that sound?! Next time, he promised. Although now I'm curious if i could health them up a little. I know, I know. But really. Think about it. I could find a healthy-ish cookie dough recipe, stuff an egg roll wrapper, and try to bake it maybe? We'll see. My friend and I used to make nutella wontons. Granted, we fried them, but nutella egg rolls and cookie dough egg rolls baked sound like heaven, kinda.

-a little cous cous salad
-a little hummus with hazelnut nut thins
-super small peach
-1 cocoa raw macaroon

My friend and I were actually going to see Eclipse at the movie grill an hour after I ate that. I probably should have just waited, but I needed something, so I just picked at my scheduled lunch & saved the rest for the following afternoon.

@ the movies...

-black bean burger patty with mustard, tomato, & lettuce (no bun)
-side of fruit salad

no pics from dark theatre...

Neither of us read the Twilight books or anything, but we see every movie together just because. This one, as the others, we thought was pretty good. Dare I say we're starting to look forward to them, but not enough to read the books ;).

Later after I got home...

-big bowl of protein ice cream (technically followed the famous faux frosty recipe, but my protein powder doesn't make it taste quite frosty like. will have to buy the eas brand next time)

It made wayyyyy too much and I had to put half in the freezer. I also had to transfer it from the blender to the food processor. Our blender sucks.

Andddd crap. I just realized I forgot to write down my Body Bugg stats for this day. Boo. I could probably pull them up on the computer program, but eh. Too much effort.

Outfit of the Day:

Yes, I really am that white.



  1. I didn't know you had seen any of the Twilight movies. Did you hear Justin's song in New Moon? LOL. I haven't actually seen any of the movies (including New Moon) or read the books, but obvi have the New Moon soundtrack. The Eclipse soundtrack looks pretty good too, even if I don't have any friends on it. ;)

    Cute shoes, those are from Tarj right? I almooooost bought some on sale today. I really wanted these Cynthia Vincent flat sandals that had been on sale for a couple weeks, but they were sold out of my size. :(


  2. Yep, I've seen em all lol. I'm sure I did hear his song, but I don't remember ;). I don't really remember any of the music in any of them come to think of it lol, but I think it was pretty good? haha.

    Yep, they are! They only come in brown AT Tarj (which I have too lol), but black online. Yay. I have a pair of Cynthia Vincent wedges that are cute, but I REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY wanted this other pair, but couldn't find my size. Such BS that they didn't sell them online and only sold them in (very) limited edition in stores. Rudeness! That sucks your sale ones sold out. :(