Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Eve :-P

July 3

I got up at 8:30 am. On a Saturday.

-about half of a medium (which, let's face it Dunkin, is a large) iced coffee (started out black, but I later added almond milk & stevia)
-half of a jelly filled donut
-half of a maple glazed donut

Everytime I take my dogs to get groomed I have to get a Dunkin Donuts coffee (and sometimes breakfast). Just trust me, it's basically the law. (It used to be an iced blueberry latte lite no splenda, but a.) I don't drink dairy milk anymore, and more importantly, b.) one time they acted like I was NUTS for requesting blueberry and they'd never heard of such an abomination, despite me having it many times before. Sooooo...I've shyed away from my one true processed coffee flavor love affair).

I had myself fully convinced just to pick up the coffee and make my own nutritious breakfast at home, but I ended up with a couple donuts a la carte. Dammit, Amanda :-P. It started off with me being nice and getting a couple jelly's for my Mom as a surprise (they're her fave), then I thought, well shoot, I want half of one. That was that. UNTIL I saw the maple glazed. I like maple! But I forced myself to cut that in half as well and give the other half to my brother.

I mean, they were good and all, but not worth it. Especially after I saw all of the ingredients and just thought of chemicals dancing in my belly, lol. Overactive imagination, me?

I don't know if you've noticed (err ha, how could you not? I'm basically swimming in it....), but the more I tell myself to cut back on sugar the more I eat the heck out of it.

-leftover sushi & tempura (I forgot to pack the leftover wasabi, boo)

I planned to stay home and relax alllll day and nite, but my cousin asked if we wanted to come over and see Kendyll, so we did. Here's the pretty lady:

letting herself in and out of the dog cage, LOL

-1 salmon & zucchini kabob
-a little bit of hummus with pita
-1 bud light lime

Tried a new-ish place called Zoe's Kitchen. It's really good! Seems pretty fresh and healthy too.

-half plain half red velvet cake frozen yogurt w/ toppings (some fruit some unhealthy stuff)
I threw a little bit of it away

-organic lemonade mixed with sparkling water

-ezekiel tortilla w/ laughing cow light & superfruit jam

I really wanted one of the curry tofu egg rolls, but they had mold on them :(. They were supposed to be good 'til July 10!

-shrimp cocktail

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. As always.

-the last salmon kabob & a little more salad
-half of a wedge of watermelon (well more like half of a half, my dog insisted we share)
-waterrrrrr (finally)

looks like somebody wanted some lol

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 2,259
Steps Taken: 7,655

Alllmost made my calorie burn. Grr.



  1. You seem to be so balanced with your eating, I'm jealous! Props to you for splitting the doughnuts--I'd eat both halves and then some...which is why I don't even remember the last time I had a doughnut. I just don't trust myself!

  2. Aww that made my day, thank you! I always try hard to be balanced, but feel like I eat too much crap to be considered a real health blogger. Not that I need a label lol, but balance is definitely what I strive for :). I'm not really a donut fan, so I didn't have too hard a time, but I know what you mean. Don't even get me started on cupcakes ;).