Saturday, July 31, 2010

Since I've Been Home (Pic Heavy, Starbucks Heavy)

straight from airport to fridge nasty frozen chemical city/meat included egg mcmuffin out of desperation. neeeeded groceries.

faux chicken, american cheese, herby boursin cheese, pizza sauce, pesto on ezekiel tortilla

veggie samosas (OK, not the best, wouldn't buy again)

almond honey crunch

brown rice with vegan butter & greek seasoning

smoked salmon on spinach, tomato, snap peas, carrot, broccoli, avocado, light ranch, & black pepper (kind of funny I put on all that pepper and loved it, 'cause originally the smoked salmon was pepper-crusted, but I washed it all off b/c it was too much)

coffee ice cream, chocolate pb coconut milk ice cream, cinnamon rice chex, cinnamon toast crunch

soy latte

iced americano with a splash of soy

moo shu veggies

steamed dumplings (ate 2 or 3, gave the rest away)

crepes for the moo shu veggies, only ate 1

veggie soup

not that good

faux chicken, pizza sauce, oregano, basil, laughing cow from above on brown rice bread

chocolate vitatop with white choc pb

I was so grateful to have bought this since I didn't have time to make my own protein shake before work....UNTIL I took one sip and realized it had expired 10 days ago. I bought it the day before. NOT cool Tom Thumb, not cool. They also sold me nasty cherries. No wonder I'm a Whole Foods girl. Yuuuck.

soy latte

gross. smells bad & tastes worse

flounder cooked with lemon juice/white wine/vegan butter/greek seasoning & gluten free pasta in a lemon juice/white wine/vegan butter/laughing cow sauce. Pretty mediocre, but OK.

huevos rancheros (my first time!) eggs could have been cooked a little less & would have prefered whole black beans & no cheese, but otherwise not bad. not bad at all.

z bar ftw

vino @ the nail salon


shrimp tacos

red mango frozen yogurt (plain/cocoa/pomegranate) with fruit & a few mini dark choc chips (the a-hole worker was like "maybe you should have gotten a bigger cup." maybe he should shut his mouth :-P. BTW, I've never been to a self-serve Red Mango before, kinda weird. But me likey. It's the only chocolate fro-yo that doesn't taste fake to me, but I still can never go without mostly plain! Nom.

Coming home from vaca is tiring, eh? Just ask the pets. They must have tired themselves out by missing me so much ;)

& this Little Sir is the new work mascot, because he ran away one day when he was left at home. Thankfully he was found a few hours later, but Ryli (and us!!) can't go thru that again! I mean look at that face....


P.S. Purdy PLEASE comment on my last post! I need to know what to tell the company :)