Monday, June 28, 2010


June 25

-pomegranate greek yogurt (holy yum balls)

-3 falafels on an ezekiel tortilla with greek olive hummus & tzikiki

couldn't finish the 4th falafel

Went with my Mom to Denton, about an hour from where we live (where I went to college) for her new pulmonologist appt. I was excited to get to eat at Hannah's, one of our few Denton highlights. It did not disappoint.

-1.5 baby artichokes w/ aoli
-waffle fries w/ "hannah's sauce" (kiiind of like a thousand island, but a less ketchupy taste and more pickley)
-half an order of duck crepes w/ mushroom and zucchini
-iced tea w/ lemon

Deeeeeelish. Even though they contained meat, I can't not order crepes at a restaurant. They're my lovers. One reason I ordered them though, was because it said they came with balsamic roasted grapes. Um. Yum. Yeah, no grapes to be found. Weird. I didn't realize 'til after or I would have asked.

-grande soy espresso frappuccino

A litttttle sweet for my tastes, but nice to know I can have a non-dairy option.

-1 glass of sweet white wine
-1 glass of pinot noir
-1 glass of chocolate port (very interesting)
-a few bites of a cheese tray (tried to avoid it, but after 3 glasses of wine + no dinner you don't really care what you're eating LOL. I wasn't drunk, but I was hungry!)
-small sorbet (half peach half blueberry)

Went to see my coworker/friend Ryli perform at a winery. So fun! Affordable wine too. My Mom picked up a bottle of the sweet white to take home (she's super picky and a lightweight, but loved it so much she drank most of the bottle we bought to consume there + ordered an additional glass lol). I need to bring home some next time. I'm thinking a red and/or a sparkling. TBD. We were lucky it rained that morning, because she performed outside. We were a little worried it'd be 100+ degrees, but it was closer to 88 and surprisingly not miserable. It was awesome that it was outside tho, b/c she got to bring her new puppy with her. He's a little black pug and soo cute. We watched him for her for most of the nite. *hearts*

Came home and was starving...

-the rest of the crepes
-half an order of panna cotta with strawberries and balsamic

Body Bugg Stats:
Calories Burned ('til midnite. Burned plenty after too): 2201
Steps Taken: 6,284

Not amazing, but good enough for a semi-lazy day with no workout.

Outfit of the Nite:

I promise it's just the angle, my boobs aren't lopsided irl, haha.

Pet Pics of the Day:

Captain Awesomeeeeeeee!
wearing her purdy new dress ;)


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