Monday, June 28, 2010


June 26

-the last of the polenta lasagna
-cheddar almond nut thins
-apple white grape juice box

-more cheddar almond nut thins
-amy's frozen pesto tortellini

1/3 of a bottle of guava Kombucha

-2 scoops of ice cream (cinnamon + cookies & cream) in a waffle cone

I REALLY wanted a scoop of cookies & cream, but was going to refrain. But, you see, my brother and I went to the movies (I forced him to go see Shrek 3D with me). He said he wanted ice cream, so since he got some, obvi I had to too :). And then he got 2 scoops, and dammit, they also had cinnamon ice cream. I LOVE cinnamon ice cream. But I still wanted my cookies & cream. Yeah. I asked for it in a cup, but the guy put it in a waffle cone by mistake and I didn't really care. The cinnamon was much better, but both were good. Dammit dairy, you make me feel so bad, but you make my mouth taste sooo good. LOL. And LOL that my brother really didn't want to see the movie and I did, but I fell asleep for a few min. It was cute, I just sometimes have trouble staying awake in a dark theatre!

My parents met us for a little Macaroni Grill action after....

-side salad
-half an order of halibut with a tomato and basil salsa
-pesto "risotto" (err it was couscous, but whatever they want to call it...)

sans croutons...

-about 3/4 of the low cal (and small) lemon pound cake

-the rest of the guava kombucha
-pau d'arco tea

-cereal (honey rice puffins mixed w/ peanut butter bumpers) w/ almond milk

obvi took the pic 2/3 through the eating process, lol

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 1,866
Steps Taken: 3,535


At some point I also took a bite of this cookie. Also terrible. Like really, really terrible. How did this pass testing? Did people really bite into this and not spit it out? I surely did. Yuuuck.


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