Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mo' Money Mo' Problems (NOT)

June 15

-fruit juice box

yep, I drink toddler juice, I'm rockin'. Well, really it's like half juice half water. Just the way I (usually) like it.

Meh. Not the best. I remember it being better. Hopefully my brother will want the rest. He's down with baby food sometimes, why not drinks? Ha. (No, seriously, on occasion he still requests those disgusting baby meat sticks in the gerber jars from the store. I mean...I can't. That's just all sorts of wrong, ick).

-small sorbet (jackfruit, watermelon mint, and cantaloupe)
-12 oz coffee

I don't even know what jackfruit is, but it was the only one that had any flavor. Hmm.

Not very smart to have dessert before lunch (or, um, breakfast), but it's Summer :). And hey, it's water based anyway. I didn't realize the coffee was going to take so long to make tho. Wouldn't have gotten it. But I was le tiiiired.

On the way to work my Dad called and made a proposition with me which I GLADLY accepted, which included a (fairly hefty, in a way) raise. WOOHOO. Bring on the big bucks ;). OK, maybe not THAT big lol, but making mo' money is always good stuff in my world ;).

-whole foods bar (mostly diff flavors of cous cous and 2 kinds of tofu + a little raw kale salad, quinoa salad, lentil salad, and wheat berry salad, & 2 veggie dolmas)

Came home and made dinner and it was ready before 9 pm for once. Imagine that. Actually, it was ready around maybe 7:30. It's a miraccccle.

-side salad (organic mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, organic italian dressing, crumbled goat cheese)
-dover sole in a lemon, (vegan) butter, and caper sauce
-green bean casserole w/ caramelized onions (made w/ almond milk)
-1 lemon/feta/artichoke fritter
-berry sparkling water

My fam liked this dinner, but I wasn't too impressed with myself. The fritter was the best part, which is weird 'cause usually I'm not a fan. Plus it was the only thing I didn't make myself LOL.

-40 min treadmill (walking on slight incline)

Too scared to do anything more strenuous, as I think my bottom left rib is dislocated. There is a bump around my rib cage bulging out, so I can't imagine it could be anything else. It's been there for 3 days now. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow. Ugh, I hate going to the doctor and I feel like I live there these days. I hope it's nothing serious :-\. I've had it wrapped in an ace bandage almost 24-7 since last nite and it seems to be getting better at least? *fingers crossed*

-a few organic strawberries
-the last 2 bites of the flourless chocolate dome cake with a teeny tiny smidge of natural pb

Was just gonna go for the fruit, but decided to make more fridge room by finishing off the cake ;). What? 'Tis true!

Now I'm doped up on melatonin and excedrin pm. Not sure if combining them was smart, but I haven't exploded yet. Have to get up ass-early tomorrow. Gross. OK, it's still later than when I used to go to the gym in the mornings (need to get back on that schedule, btw), but hours earlier than my current norm. Boo. I wanted to shower & have my hair done for tomorrow, but the medicine kicked in sooner than expected (yay to that, at least) & I don't think that's gonna happen. Zzzz.

OK I lied. I still want to shower. But. So. Tired. Let's hope I don't get a second wind...

Ciao Bellas.



  1. eh who cares. if you have dry shampoo/baby powder/or mousse, massage it into your scalp and then do a textured, messy bun for the doctor. then come home and shower. i'm one to talk though because i'll take showers at midnight because i have to do something the next day. even for doctors appointments. my mom is always like 'why do you want to look pretty for the doctor!? you're supposed to look SICK!' and I'm just like.. well I don't want the rest of the world lookin at me like I'm sick and gross!

  2. I actually only wash my hair about 2-3 times a week. Prob sounds gross, but honestly my hair almost never gets greasy. I hadn't washed it since Saturday morning, which is why I felt like I probably should lol. Plus, I hadn't showered after I "worked out" (walked lol) and felt mildly dirty.

    I've tried the baby powder thing once or twice in emergencies, but I don't think I really have any idea what I was doing lol. I suck at hair. *pout* Maybe I should try actual dry shampoo and see if that works.

    I'm so weird... back in prob middle and high school even I used to be able to go a day (or 2 if I was particularly lazy, again, I realize I'm gross lol, or used to be in that case) and I could NOT understand why some people had to shower before they'd leave the house, even to get a coffee or something stupid. Just shower when you get back right? Welll.. Now? I'm totally that person. Occasionally if I'm not leaving the house on a Saturday or something I may not shower, but it seriously bugs me all day. Now I HAVE to shower before I go anywhere and sometimes again at nite too, though I try not to be that obsessive unless I worked out or it was extra hot out or something.

    Oh, and my mom says the same thing to me about the doctor! Moms! When I went to my dr the second time after I TOLD her it was my gallbladder and she didn't really believe me and I was still sick, I wore just some random skinny jeans and a pretty cute Anthro top. I mean, it was a normal outfit for me, but I didn't think it was overly special and I had dirty hair lol. Anyway, my Mom told me not to dress so nice or my dr still wouldn't believe I was sick, but like you I didn't want to look gross, I'd already been stuck at home for 2 weeks feeling and looking sick! This was my one chance to get out, albeit just to go to doctors and hospitals, but whatever lol. Of course, my doctor DID find out I was sick-sick this time, but she did make a comment about how "I couldn't be THAT far gone (gallbladder-wise) because I still had the energy to look nice." UGH, don't people realize it takes EXACTLY the same energy to put on a nice shirt as it does to put on a tshirt? :-P

    /end longest comment of all time LOL