Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Long Day

June 22


-30 minutes elliptical

I did it guys! I stayed up 'til 2:30 am reading, but I still pulled my ass out of bed at 7:30 am and got it done. SO happy I did. It was an annoying workout, but worth it. Set the tone for the day.

-chocolate cherry bomb hemp protein smoothie

My normal work hours are approx. 1-5 or 6, but since I was up and at 'em already I just went to work with my Dad at 10. Yay for extra moolah. Why not, right? :). I may try to do that a couple days a week now. As long as I get a work out in first, I seem to have the stamina. Until our nonprofit officially takes off I'm only technically part time at our regular office, but really, I can make my own hours and add on if I want. It's all good. Ahh, the perks of being part of the family biz :-P.

-the last of the pine nut hummus & pecan thins

let's not lie, I had way more pecan thins then that LOL

-grandy's kids meal (4 chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes & gravy, a roll, & iced tea)

I know, I know. WHAT was I thinking? Besides eating (crappy quality) chicken, it was fried...and the potatoes and gravy and roll. I mean, REALLY Amanda? I eat almost no meat and the rare rare times I do I choose to eat a mcdonalds cheeseburger and grandys chicken nuggets? C'mon. (Well, ok, I still say that cheeseburger was delicious, LOL). My Dad was going there to get his lunch and I was hungry and knew the lack of protein in the lunch I brought (side salad + strawberries) wasn't gonna cut it. I used to love Grandy's chicken nuggets, so I figured what could a kids meal hurt? Um. My stomach, that's what. First off, it wasn't even that good. At all. Any of it (except the roll, mmm. I'm not a bread person, but theirs are awesome). But the rest? Ugh. I didn't feel like I was gonna puke or anything, but I've had a burny feeling in my throat ever since. Yuck. Not worth it. And the only nutritional info I can find on Grandy's online seems ridiculously low. Annoying! (Unless it's true, then yay for that at least LOL).

-side salad (organic mixed greens, broccoli, local cherry tomatoes, organic italian dressing)
-really good strawberries
-AMAZING quesadilla (one light laughing cow wedge, some goat cheese crumbled in, & superfruit jam nuked in the microwave on an ezekiel tortilla)
-2 raw coconut balls
-little bit of lemonade mixed with a lot of perrier

Yeah, ate my scheduled lunch (+quesadilla) for dinner. It was fab. Can't wait to have that quesadilla again. I bet it'd be even 10,000 times more amazing grilled or made on the stove, but it's pretty awesome it was THAT good in a microwave too. The jam got a little runny, but it tasted amazeballs, which is what counts ;).

-a few grapes
-2 large strawberries
-1 bite of a cookie

My Dad and I went to a meeting from 7-8:30 about social skills training for kids on the Autism Spectrum (part of what we do at work) to scope out the competition ;). Well, really just to see what they offer/had to say. It was OK. I got a few good ideas from it. I'd say that's well worth 90 minutes of my time.

So I pretty much went nonstop from 7:30 am 'til 8:30 pm. Good thing I did that workout, it really helped me push through the day without feeling overwhelmed.

-2 bites of my mom's chicken taquito with queso (I guess I never learn)
-leftover garlic rice
-the rest of the lemonade/perrier combo

I think because I hadn't slept enough I was having one of those days where you aren't as hungry as you THINK you are, you're just looking for energy sources, ya know? Blah. I don't think it added up to crazy cals, but still not the greatest thing to do. I knew that while I was eating too, but couldn't stop myself. Well, I could. I didn't want to. Lame.

Workout 2:

-41 minutes on the treadmill

It's so weird: When I watch Biggest Loser I just want to eat cupcakes and ice cream. I know, immature or stupid. Whatever. It's fun. But when I watch Losing It I'm always pumped to work out during it.

I burned 2,738 cals & walked 12,877 steps for the day. Hell to the yes.

-herba tussin tea with lemon & honey (herba tussin to help with the burning feeling the fried chicken STILL left in my throat)


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  1. guava kombucha lover, yay! i didnt used to like it i am a fan!

    have a super weekend sweetie!