Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm dumb, but had a fun weekend anyway ;)

I ate & drank unbelievably horrible this weekend, but somehow my weight stayed exactly the same. Phew.

June 12

When I woke up I decided why not have leftover cheesecake for breakfast? No point in leaving it to go bad over the weekend, right? Right.

An hour or two later we left for our hotel and Grapevine adventures!

On the way we stopped at Sonic to get my brother a slushie & I remembered my last nite craving for tator tots (wtf, I know). I got a small order of those and then saw an ad for their new sparkling lemonade. That sounded awesome, so I got a small of that too. Um. I should have known better. A tiny bit of lemonade mixed with sprite. Gross. I drank a little bit, but ugh. Lemonade and sparkling water would have been SO much better. Oh well.

But back to where I really meant to start the story. So...the whole reason for this "trip"...

Our new work receptionist/new family friend is also a singer and does weekend gigs. Our other office therapist/family friend (who introduced us to Ryli, the singer) asked if we'd (me, my mom, dad, and brother) come with her to see Ryli sing, go out to dinner, etc. Of course we said yes. We go out semi-frequently anyway and would love to see Ryli perform! We soon realized that was the weekend my Dad would be in Reno for his national bowling tournament.

Grapevine is only maybe 45 minutes from where I live, but we weren't going to be done at the wine bar until midnite and my Mom hates to drive in the dark, so we made an overnite trip out of it. Hotwire gave us the Hyatt that's IN the airport, kind of weird, but it's a nice hotel. A little further than we were hoping for, but it worked out OK.

Prior to checking into the hotel, I wanted to check out the farmers market I read about online. Eh. We drove by it, it was just OK. A few tables is all. I pondered stopping by for a jar of jam I saw, but then would have felt bad not buying from everyone, since they were literally all together under one tiny gazebo or w/e. Oh well. No big loss. Will have to keep looking for the perfect farmers market. I have a few more options to look into.

So my brother stayed in the car and read while my Mom & I checked out a couple of the cute Main Street shops. I was hungry, but nobody else was, so we just popped into a quick wine bar, In the Glass, where I ordered a glass of rose champagne & a goat cheese tort (stuffed with artichoke hearts and a few other yummy things) and served with water crackers. At the last second my Mom also ordered us a cheese plate that came with 4 cheeses (bleu cheese, gouda, and 2 others I'm not sure about), which also came with crackers, fruit (cherries and all sorts of berries), and dark chocolate. It was awesome.


FINALLY, we got to our hotel. It was way later than any of us anticipated. My Mom and I had to go to the gym ASAP if we wanted a workout in (and we did. Or I did anyway, and coerced her into it lol). But she realized she didn't bring any workout clothes even tho I asked her 3 times before if she had (we'd already gone back to the house once to get her sneakers). Ugh. she got a pair of shorts from the gift shop luckily (and I had brought an extra tshirt), and off we went. The workout room was nice, but SO HOT. It said it was 75 degrees in there, which is still super uncomfortable when working out, but it even felt more like 80-85. GROSS. And there were a bunch of treadmills, but only 3 ellipticals, all which were taken. Boo. After 10 minutes on the treadmill, I got to nab an elliptical, at least. I went another 36 or so minutes on that. Good workout.

My brother said I look like "Posh Spice" in those pics. I mother effing wish!!! LOL

Hurrrrried to get ready and at the last second, I spilled makeup on my brand new dress (and the only nice outfit I brought). DAMMIT. And then when I was trying to wash it out, it ripped a little. SO pissed. You couldn't really tell on either account, so I wore it anyway (not that I really had a choice either way), but I was so irritated. And I'm irritated that I forgot to take pics of myself in it too lol. It's a pretty dress, despite being annoying :-P.

We took a shuttle back to Main Street & found the restaurant, Esparzas. It's Myra's fave Mexican restaurant in Grapevine and she'd been wanting us to try it for months. We were told they specialize in margaritas and fajitas, so that's what we got (shrimp for me, beef & chicken for everyone else). After my first margarita, I switched to a glass of pinot grigio. Plus, we had lots of fresh chips & salsa.

I have GOT to stop with the horrible pics & forgetting to photograph the entrees! Sheesh.

Around 10, we finally made it to the wine bar. Ryli had been wondering where we were, as she started at 8. Aww. She saved us a table right in front. Yay. She did SO good, we had a great time! She did a request for us all and was really engaging. She looked super cute too. Can't wait to see her perform again soon. She let Myra sing a song too (Black Velvet) and she was great! I had no idea Myra could sing.

While there, I had 2 glasses of pinot noir, a vodka soda, and half of my Mom's margarita, and then at the end Ryli bought me and her a shot to do together. I still felt OK, but knew I shouldn't have had more than 5 drinks, 6 tops (but even with 6 I knew I'd feel slightly bleh the next day). At this point I was up to 6.5 (NOT including the lunch champagne).

THEN, Ryli, her boyfriend (turned ex, later that nite), Myra, her boyfriend, my brother, and I went to a kareoke bar called Lazy Bones. My brother, Ryli, and Myra all sang. I watched lol. It was fun too. I got to bond more with Ryli, who, even though we seemed to be like old friends, I actually didn't even know that well. I'd only talked to her maybe 3 times before this? She usually works before I come in for the day, so we only see each other on occasion. I like her a lot, though. But I knew that already. Anyway, I had another vodka soda at Lazy Bones. Bad news bears. I still felt fine. I can hold my liquor. But ugh I knew I shouldn't drink that much. Dumb, dumb. I used to drink close to 15 drinks in a nite out. Don't ask me how. Ugh.

When they closed at 2, Myra's (sober) boyfriend drove my brother and I to the hotel where I promptly crawled in bed and went right to sleep.

June 13

I woke up and felt mostly fine, but got quickly and progressively worse as the day went on. Ugh, hangovers. I hate you.

I was super excited to try their zucchini and goat cheese frittata, but since I don't really eat eggs anymore, I didn't think this was the morning to start. I ordered overpriced steel cut oats with roasted fruit, but probably should have just stuck with a couple bites of my Mom's sticky bun french toast, as I wasted most of my $7.25 oats.

After we ate, we left to go back home. I tried to laze around, take a shower & hot bath (I always shower before I bathe, don't want to sit in my own dirt, yuck!), read. But I had promised my friend Melissa I'd go see Killers with her at the movie grill a little after 4. I still felt pretty bad, but didn't want to let her down, so I went.

Once there I just ordered a fruit bowl & water and picked at it. Wasteful again. I maybe ate half? The movie was better than I thought it would be, at least. Nothing amazing, but cute and good eye candy ;). I liked it.

I came home and basically dropped dead on the couch, sunglasses still on, and laid there for awhile. My Mom was sad I didn't go with her to the airport to pick my Dad up. I ALWAYS go to pick people up, but she understood I was "sick" (lol). My brother, who doesn't drink (has had 2 drinks in his life, and he's 23) said he didn't feel sorry for me at all and he was glad I had to suffer the consequences. So rude lol. He hung out with me for awhile until our dog Blizzard broke a bunch of glass soda bottles and he went to clean that up. It was probably the loudest crash I've ever heard. Ugh, that's our Blizzard, lol. I had to help him with the dust pan, but he did it otherwise. Thanks, Rynie.

Then, I wanted pizza really badly all of a sudden (read someone's facebook status about pizza and True Blood and we were about to watch True Blood, so pizza with it sounded great to me too! Love the feeling when you're coming out of a hangover and you can FINALLY eat. I don't see how people can eat right away the next day, I usually can't 'til at least 8pm the next day without feeling worse. But once I can eat I know I'm starting to get better). I don't really like delivery pizza and we didn't have any frozen, but I found a semi-old frozen gluten free crust. We didn't really have toppings, but I managed to put that together with pizza sauce, herby goat cheese, and dried basil/oregano. It got the job done. SO HAPPY True Blood is back, btw. *HEARTS* I also had an RC cola. Why does soda always sound good when you're hungover? Hmm. It was gross. I still wanted a Coke.

THEN, my parents said they were going to Chili's, so I asked if they'd bring me a small coke & small fry from McDonalds on their way home & they said sure. But then I remembered I'd been wanting a McDonalds cheeseburger happy meal ALL week. I know I don't eat meat anymore, but what better time than when you have a hangover? And obviously this craving wasn't going away. I figured I still won't eat meat every day, or even every week. I still want to eat as little as "possible," but I have been feeling a need for more protein/more something lately, and I figure small amounts won't kill me. *shrug* I'm also worried I've REALLY upped my seafood consumption and I don't want to replace small amounts of meat with high amounts of mercury, ya know? We'll see what I do, but whatever. Morally and health-wise I'm so torn.

BTW, the happy meal? DELICIOUS. I'm normally not into low quality food, give me gourmet foodie shit any day lol, but I'm sorry, there is just something about a Mickey D's happy meal that is so good. Whyyy? :-P.

But ugh, I do have to admit, not from the meat ('cause I hadn't even had it yet), but it MUST be from the dairy, it must. My nose ran like CRAZY all day. I hate it. But apparently not enough to stop eating it completely :(. Boo to myself for being dumb.

& Boo to the start of another week. I want another weekend!!!



  1. Hey Amanda - I'm a new follower and am quite the fan! I found you through your YouTube and love your videos. Wish you'd make grocery hauls again! Please? :D You gave me so many ideas!

  2. Oh you're so sweet! Thanks! I've actually been meaning to make a Youtube video since at LEAST March and really even sooner. I just need to sit down and DO IT. I promise I will sometime this week just for you :).