Friday, June 11, 2010

I *heart* Bethenny Frankel

June 10

Overslept (how I slept past the most annoying alarm in the world, I do not know) and didn't have time to workout. Boo.

I did shove a little food down my face before dashing to work:

-1 slice of gluten free/yeast free brown rice toast with natural vanilla cranberry peanut butter & Crofter's superfruit jam (om nom nom)


Then, at work for a late lunch I had...

-mixed greens with italian dressing and slivered almonds
-the last of the leftover spaghetti (eaten cold)
-leftover vegan spinach artichoke dip (also cold)
-smores flavored french press coffee with very vanilla soy milk

cafffffeeeeeeeine. because for some reason 11 hours of sleep wasn't enough.

Then, dashed to my hair salon to get a "color correction." Long story short, about a week ago I went to have my hair dyed back to my natural color. My natural color is dark brown. My hair came out black. I've had black hair before, but it's really not what I wanted this time. Especially with my bangs. I hated it. I went back today and my stylist said she could "detox" it, so we wouldn't have to strip it. She said detoxing it basically means she'd use a really strong shampoo to break down some of the color. Hmm. Sounded good, but (yet again...upon leaving the salon and seeing it in the natural light) I still think it looks black. A lighter black, but I do like it more/think it suits my skin tone better than before the detox, so that's good. But idk. I'll try and get used to it and reassess next hair appointment. I don't feel ugly like I did before, but I still don't feel pretty. *shrug* It's better. Ish.

I'll post pics post-putting on makeup tomorrow.

-aveda tea

I saw one older lady drinking wine at the salon. I didn't know they offered wine. Hmm. I'm weird, but I always feel strange requesting wine at hair or nail salons when asked what I'd like to drink (but without being prompted by suggestions). If I'm specifically offered a glass (which is basically never), then YES PLEASE, but I don't feel like I'm allowed to ask. I wonder why. Maybe because I feel like I look so young, but duh I'm an old lady myself now, so what gives?


Next up it was off to Target to pick up a carry on for my Dad. He's going on a big bowling tournament trip in Reno this weekend. Go Dad. But. Um. Welllll. We had close to 15 suitcases a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, in the midst of our recent decluttering process, every single one (except the massive-sized brand new one) got thrown out. Yeah, not cool. But we're now the proud owners of a couple new ones. Typical.

-3/4 a bag of pretzel m&m's

I don't even particularly like m&m's (and I don't like pretzels for that matter), but I can never resist trying at least one bag of their latest flavor. Oddly, I liked them. They were both salty and sweet, again, another combo I'm not usually down with. But they worked. Who woulda thought? I liked the crunch. Lately I'm alll about the crunch with foods.

My Mom & I had plans (that I was veryyy excited about) to have dinner at our fave local steak & seafood restaurant, Steve Fields. I've been wanting to try copper river salmon for a few years, but never seem to get a chance and they are offering it right now. Not to mention, it's their 5th year anniversary and they've been offering fun deals all week. Unfortunately, my Mom got a bad stomachache and wanted something a little less fancy/fussy. She promised we'd go there for dinner asap, but just not tonite. Without any other dinner plans (and it being close to 8 at this point), she suggested P.F. Changs, which happens to be one of the few chains I love, so I was down. It's no Steve Fields, but it is delicious. I decided to branch out and try all new things (well, except the martini, which I should have branched out from):

-3 steamed shrimp dumplings
-coconut curry veggies and tofu
-brown rice
-fortune cookie
-decaf ginger peach hot tea
-chinese 88 martini (gin, lemon juice, and sparkling wine, although it tasted like pure lemon juice this time, hmm)

Bad lighting, much? I didn't even bother uploading the others.

I kinda had a gut feeling the martini was unnecessary, but oh well. Usually it's really good. Shoulda listened to le gut. The tea was great.

-small handful of organic dark chocolate chips
-the rest of the pretzel m&m's

Stress eating during Real Housewives of NY reunion. Just kidding, but what a train wreck. I love it. ;)

Got super hungry again around 12:30 am. Weird.


it smelled better than it tasted. Bummer.

It's now almost 2 and I'm still not tired (and still hungry, but not even entertaining that nonsense). Crap. Time to watch Bethenny Getting Married? (I hate the question mark in that title lol, so dumb, especially since she IS married). Kicking myself for not meeting her when I had the chance (she did a book signing here a few months ago. I think I had bronchitis and she was pregnant, but y'know). Love love love her.



  1. i taped bethanny but havnet watched it yet, i am almost thru w/ the NYC Reunion Cat Fight part 1 LOL

    color correction is about the most nerve racking thing ever b/c your hair can just break off at the root and you end up w/ a chemical haircut. that happened to me and for 18 mos i had the worst hair ever. Moral: I would go w/ black hair for now, no more stripping. Black hair is better than no hair! God i HATE salon blunders. It's like worse than anything. Hang in there!

  2. Yeah, I had black hair a couple years ago (by choice, although it was supposed to only be semi-permanent and wash out in a month. I had it for 8 months, before eventually getting it stripped out and it still took about a year of coloring/lightening before it was all out, ugh). I was so worried the same thing would happen again (still kind of am), but at least I use Aveda color now, which is something like 99% plant-based and less harsh. Not sure exactly what that means for my hair's condition, but hopefully it won't be as big of an ordeal. I'm OK with the color for now, especially since I don't want to cut my hair at all, let alone be forced to drastically change it! Sorry you had to deal with that :(, but at least you have gorgeous hair now, phew! :)