Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

June 20

-somewhat burnt organic chocolate chip pancakes with vermont maple syrup
-apple white grape juice box

didn't eat all that

I wanted pancakes sooo badly, but I've never successfully made them before. I assumed I'd take my Dad out for breakfast to get some, but the aformentioned work drama was still going strong (stronger than ever, in fact), so he stayed in bed most of the morning and early afternoon feeling upset and didn't want to do anything. I took it upon myself to attempt to make the family pancakes, but the pan I used sucked ass and kept burning everything, ugh. Mario Batali, how could you? LOL. They're really heavy pans, but they either burn everything or make everything stick to the bottom no matter how much oil or cooking spray I use. Annoying. I did make 2 pretty fab blueberry pancakes for my Dad at least. Good thing I didn't burn the father's day pancakes :-P. I ate all the non-burned parts of the (as much as possible) chocolate chip ones meant for me AND my brother, and just made him + my Mom french toast. Too much hassle, rude burny pans :-P. But at least I know I can (sort of, with the right pan) make pancakes now lol.

-cheese pizza
-too much coke

I have to stop taking a bite before busting out the cam lol I suck

Holy sugar crash Batman. I don't see how some people can drink copious amounts of soda every day. Besides being HORRIBLE for you, I cannot imagine wanting to feel like that on a regular basis. I felt like I was jumped by a few people, beat up, and then as soon as I could stand again I was hit by a bus :-P.

I just wanted a small coke (annoying hot weather craving, I guess), but we were at Sam's Club and they only offer the GIANT size. I didn't fill my cup up all the way (plus I put in a LOT of ice), but I did go back for seconds. WTF? I was also STARVING and knew I couldn't wait 'til I made dinner, so my Dad and I had a snack (well, meal really, called it a snack lol) together. The cheese pizza wasn't nearly as good as the veggie I normally get there, but all they had left was hawaiian, cheese, and supreme, so cheese it was. I wiped off all the grease at least. And yes, my nose did start running again almost right after. Crazy.

-small side salad (organic mixed greens, cherry tomato, broccoli, crumbled goat cheese, organic italian dressing)
-veggie lasagna (brown rice lasagna with portabella mushrooms, broccoli, zucchini, garlic & herb laughing cow light cheese, mushroom marinara, and a dab of pesto)
-the rest of the leftover sparkling lemonade from yesterday

+ a lil extra lasagna after I finished this ;)

My Dad requested veggie lasagna for dinner. Since he was in a bad mood he wanted to postpone our going-out for Father's Day meal and just stay home. Probably for the best since you know restaurants are ridiculously crowded on Father's Day. He thought the lasagna was just OK, but I liked it a lot. He said it was worth eating at least :-P. I think next time I'd sub the zucchini for spinach, but gusta. Laughing cow rocks. I really liked the brown rice noodles too.

-the last 2 or so bites of coconut cream pie
-chocolate cookie smartfood popcorn

Here's hoping next week is better. & that I get more workouts in :-P. Although I did burn juuuuust shy of my Body Bugg's 2300 cal/day goal today with no workout, so that's good.

Oh yeah. For Father's Day I basically picked out all of my Dad's presents because I'm good like that, but the one actually from me was a nice brown leather Coach wallet. I knew he needed a new wallet, but he's hard to buy for kinda, so I was worried. I thought maybe he'd want black (the one I got him was the nicest at the outlet store, but only came in brown). He loved it though, so phew. He thinks I'm crazy for spending $ for brand names, but whatever. I told him to just say thank you and enjoy it and not worry about the rest :-P. If he likes it that's what matters. And anyway, it was really reasonably priced if you ask me. I was impressed!

Welllll, I'm gonna go read my Kathy Griffin book & go sleepies now. Nite Nite.


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