Saturday, June 19, 2010

Drama Rama, It Never Ends

June 18

Woke up to discover my body took a BEATING from Jillian yesterday. My lower stomach (woohoo always a hard and much needed area for me to target) & my neck/upper shoulders are killing me. I guess that's a good sign.

-leftover salmon, veggies, and brown rice
-apple & white grape toddler juice box
-a few organic gummy bears

-whole wheat sub with avocado/tomato/lettuce/onion/oil & vinegar/mustard/mushrooms (really good! the drive thru people apparently don't understand anything tho and it came with cheese even tho I specified no cheese 2937484 times. Oh well, easy to pick off!)
-a few salt & vinegar chips
-about 2/3 of a venti iced americano with a splash of soy

One bummer was our massage therapist went to pick up her new puppy and couldn't make it back in time for our appt. I really needed my massage b/c of my yogaventures, but oh well. Puppies always win :).

-1/2 of a veggie burger with mushrooms/tomato/lettuce/onion/mustard/ketchup
-half of a spinach salad with sunflower seeds, mushroom, tomato, 2 bites of hard boiled egg (about half a hard boiled egg total), & italian dressing
-2 screwdrivers

+ 1

We've had drama-rama at work (funny how one person can wreak such havoc...) & my mom wanted to go out for a margarita at her fave marg/hamburger place. My Dad decided to come too at the last second & he has gout or something and isn't supposed to eat much meat, so we shared a veggie burger and salad. Otherwise I prob wouldn't have had a veggie burger for the 3rd day in a row lol, but they are so good. So processed tho :-\. I need to learn to make my own...

-a few organic gummy bears

No more gummy bears left. Bummer, dude. Although probably (ok, definitely) for the best :-P. Addddictive.

-the last 2/3 of the Jokerz vegan candy bar
-mug of vanilla peppermint tea

I also caved and bought the Hipstamatic iPhone app last nite. Pretty fun to play around with:


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