Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Body Bugg lover

June 8

-grande soy iced latte

Had to get my 'Bux on before work.

-Mediterranean buffet to-go lunch (mine was pretty healthy: cucumber salad, hummus, baba ganouj, a couple pieces of potato, 2 really good falafel pieces, a small piece of fish w/ zucchini, a few pieces of pasta salad, 2 grape leaves, an orange slice)

I had about 2/3 of it at first and then the last 1/3 a few hours later. I got a weird pain in my stomach after the first few bites (not sure if it was related though, but it was really weird!), but luckily that resolved itself quickly.

-a 13 calorie coffee hard candy

What's with the perma-hungriness, belly? Gosh. Needed a snack about an hour before leaving the office...

-peppermint chocolate luna bar

Was just going to eat half, but...oops. It was suddenly all magic :-D

I've been having a hard time working more than 3 or so hours since I got sick (pathetic, I know), but today I put in 5 + went to pick up a few things at Target after + cooked dinner. And I still feel pretty good. Lucky I work for the fam and have the luxury of slowly getting back on the horse, huh? Getting a 20 minute massage near the end of the day didn't hurt either ;)

-salmon pinwheel (with spinach, roasted red pepper, and feta)
-slightttttly steamed broccoli
-side salad (mixed greens, baby carrots, raw broccoli, cherry tomato, lil bit of herby goat cheese, italian dressing, slivered almonds)
-glass of pomegranate wine (only 100 cals for 6 ounces...not bad)

And what a delish dinner that was. I know, I know with the feta, but I've been craving that and it did not disappoint. Good stuff.

I was still kind of hungry after (WHYYYY?), but didn't even finish 'til 9 pm, so hopefully some fruit and dessert action will put that to rest and then I can sleeeep and prepare to be perma-hungry another day :-P.

-bowl of fruit (cherries, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple)


1 hour treadmill (45 min of intervals, 15 min walking)

Worked out while watching my bff, Jillian, on Losing It. *heart*

-Vosges mini chocolate hazelnut bar (gave my Mom a bite)

I'm not sure how I burned so much, but my Body Bugg looooves me today.

Calories Burned: 2,703
Steps Taken: 11,931

And that's just recorded until Midnite.



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