Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Size Doesn't Matter

June 27

-2 eggs over medium
-extra crispy breakfast potatoes w/ lots of ketchup (a little too crispy)
-biscuit with jam
-coffee with chocolate flavored stevia

My first real eggs since March. I just felt like 'em and decided to go with it. I'm allergic (mildly), so I thought it was prob not a good idea, espec since I feel so crappy from my dairy obsession, but alas I was fine.

-samples at Sam's (including a full sized kids yogurt & the last delicious starbucks coffee)

Good samples too. Phew, because surprisingly I was still a bit hungry even after breakfast. I've turned back into a bottomless pit. *sigh*

-chobani blueberry yogurt with blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries
-all natural cranberry juice
-cherry flavored aloe vera juice mixed with a splash of all natural cranberry juice

-leftover halibut topped w/ freshly made sauteed local tomatoes & garlic in organic olive oil + the leftover pesto cous cous
-steamed broccoli with lemon juice
-pau d'arco tea with xylitol

-random bowl of stuff (coconut oil, chocolate coconut oil, coconut flakes, tiny bit of dark chocolate cocoa powder, maple almond butter, ground flax seeds)

It wasn't as good as I hoped, but it's OK. Didn't finish it.

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 2,363
Steps Taken: 9,775

Man, almost got to 10,000 steps. HATE getting so close, but so far :-P. At least I got the cals in. No workout tho. :(

Isn't this dog shirt so cute? I got it for my coworker/friend's new baby pug I posted a pic of earlier.



Monday, June 28, 2010


June 26

-the last of the polenta lasagna
-cheddar almond nut thins
-apple white grape juice box

-more cheddar almond nut thins
-amy's frozen pesto tortellini

1/3 of a bottle of guava Kombucha

-2 scoops of ice cream (cinnamon + cookies & cream) in a waffle cone

I REALLY wanted a scoop of cookies & cream, but was going to refrain. But, you see, my brother and I went to the movies (I forced him to go see Shrek 3D with me). He said he wanted ice cream, so since he got some, obvi I had to too :). And then he got 2 scoops, and dammit, they also had cinnamon ice cream. I LOVE cinnamon ice cream. But I still wanted my cookies & cream. Yeah. I asked for it in a cup, but the guy put it in a waffle cone by mistake and I didn't really care. The cinnamon was much better, but both were good. Dammit dairy, you make me feel so bad, but you make my mouth taste sooo good. LOL. And LOL that my brother really didn't want to see the movie and I did, but I fell asleep for a few min. It was cute, I just sometimes have trouble staying awake in a dark theatre!

My parents met us for a little Macaroni Grill action after....

-side salad
-half an order of halibut with a tomato and basil salsa
-pesto "risotto" (err it was couscous, but whatever they want to call it...)

sans croutons...

-about 3/4 of the low cal (and small) lemon pound cake

-the rest of the guava kombucha
-pau d'arco tea

-cereal (honey rice puffins mixed w/ peanut butter bumpers) w/ almond milk

obvi took the pic 2/3 through the eating process, lol

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 1,866
Steps Taken: 3,535


At some point I also took a bite of this cookie. Also terrible. Like really, really terrible. How did this pass testing? Did people really bite into this and not spit it out? I surely did. Yuuuck.



June 25

-pomegranate greek yogurt (holy yum balls)

-3 falafels on an ezekiel tortilla with greek olive hummus & tzikiki

couldn't finish the 4th falafel

Went with my Mom to Denton, about an hour from where we live (where I went to college) for her new pulmonologist appt. I was excited to get to eat at Hannah's, one of our few Denton highlights. It did not disappoint.

-1.5 baby artichokes w/ aoli
-waffle fries w/ "hannah's sauce" (kiiind of like a thousand island, but a less ketchupy taste and more pickley)
-half an order of duck crepes w/ mushroom and zucchini
-iced tea w/ lemon

Deeeeeelish. Even though they contained meat, I can't not order crepes at a restaurant. They're my lovers. One reason I ordered them though, was because it said they came with balsamic roasted grapes. Um. Yum. Yeah, no grapes to be found. Weird. I didn't realize 'til after or I would have asked.

-grande soy espresso frappuccino

A litttttle sweet for my tastes, but nice to know I can have a non-dairy option.

-1 glass of sweet white wine
-1 glass of pinot noir
-1 glass of chocolate port (very interesting)
-a few bites of a cheese tray (tried to avoid it, but after 3 glasses of wine + no dinner you don't really care what you're eating LOL. I wasn't drunk, but I was hungry!)
-small sorbet (half peach half blueberry)

Went to see my coworker/friend Ryli perform at a winery. So fun! Affordable wine too. My Mom picked up a bottle of the sweet white to take home (she's super picky and a lightweight, but loved it so much she drank most of the bottle we bought to consume there + ordered an additional glass lol). I need to bring home some next time. I'm thinking a red and/or a sparkling. TBD. We were lucky it rained that morning, because she performed outside. We were a little worried it'd be 100+ degrees, but it was closer to 88 and surprisingly not miserable. It was awesome that it was outside tho, b/c she got to bring her new puppy with her. He's a little black pug and soo cute. We watched him for her for most of the nite. *hearts*

Came home and was starving...

-the rest of the crepes
-half an order of panna cotta with strawberries and balsamic

Body Bugg Stats:
Calories Burned ('til midnite. Burned plenty after too): 2201
Steps Taken: 6,284

Not amazing, but good enough for a semi-lazy day with no workout.

Outfit of the Nite:

I promise it's just the angle, my boobs aren't lopsided irl, haha.

Pet Pics of the Day:

Captain Awesomeeeeeeee!
wearing her purdy new dress ;)


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Knight & Day

June 24

-1 or 2 bites of a cinnamon chip scone

Planned on having a whole scone w/ laughing cow & jam, but realized lunch was too soon to justify it.


-26 min treadmill

Skipped out on work with my Dad to go see Knight & Day at the movie grill. It was pretty good. Glad we went.

-1/2 of a greek pizza dipped in marinara
-water w/ a tiny bit of lemon

Got my first "full body" massage (well, table. I requested mainly upper body 'cause my neck, back, and shoulders are always wrecked). It was great.

-the other half of the pizza (sans one piece my Dad took during the movie)

part of it...

-coffee hard candy

After work (well, working an hour and a half, heh), I went to Anthropologie to return a couple things, get a price adjustment, and buy a skirt. I thought the cashier looked at me weirdly/rudely for requesting the price adjustment. Especially, I think, because I didn't bring the actual skirt (I'd already worn it...), but it was right on the receipt! It's not my fault I paid $88 for a skirt that went on sale to $49 less than a week and a half later. The receipt itself says that any item that goes on sale within 2 weeks of purchase is eligible for an adjustment. I just hate feeling judged for something that's right to do in the first place! Whatevs.

After that I went to Borders to pick up Tori Spelling's new book & popped in Marshall's nearby to look for more throw pillows (found adorable ones). I also got some new dishes to show off on the blog, but stupid ass me broke 2 of them as soon as I got home. Good thing they were cheap, but ugh I liked them!! BOO. Such a waste.

-frozen yogurt + toppings

Clearly, I hated it...


Normally I only love the plain flavor, but I sampled the red velvet. SO GOOD! Will have to get that next time. This time I had 2/3 plain with 1/3 lemon. The lemon was only so-so. Not nearly as good as plain.

-pau d'arco tea w/ lemon

-small piece of polenta lasagna w/ light laughing cow, pesto, and marinara
-portabella mushrooms cooked w/ marinara and pesto
-a small amt of macaroni w/ vegan butter, lemon juice, and capers (what I made for my Mom)

Not counting it as a second workout, b/c come on, but the last 10 min while waiting for dinner to finish cooking in the oven I walked on the treadmill to get some steps in.

-a few gummy candies

I REALLY wanted gummy bears (particularly stale haribo or whole foods organic ones), but these did in a pinch.

Body Bugg Stats:

Calories Burned: 2,393
Steps Taken: 10,125