Monday, May 10, 2010

Still Still Blah

May 8

-1.5 corn tamales with tomato and avocado
-mache mix salad with olive oil, balsamic, and black pepper
-hot water with lemon

-immune tea with lemon

I've been having a lower back pain for the last few days on my lower left side. I just assumed it was plain ole back pain, since I'm prone to that, but my Dad said it looks like I'm pointing towards my kidney. Yikes. Now I'm kind of paranoid! Aside from the random stomachaches (which I really don't think are related), I don't think I have any other signs that point to a kidney infection, but I'm trying to take precautions just in case. I bought some cranberry pills, have been loading up on vitamins (like that will help, lol), and natural antibacterials, etc. If I actually have an infection I doubt any of that would matter, but I don't know! I feel like I should do something. And it's not even bad enough to worry about a doctor anyway, but the lush in me is paranoid that it WILL be and then I'll be on antibiotics and wouldn't be able to drink in Vegas. THE HORROR lol.

I'm guessing it's just a muscle ache from stupidly walking in flip flops on the treadmill for over an hour on Tuesday, but who knows. I also don't have health insurance at the moment (I was dropped when I turned 25 and though I applied for a personal plan, they've well exceeded the 7-10 days they promised to get back to me by....), so that's scary. Not that I can't still go to a doctor and just pay, but it's scary to have even a thought of health probs with no insurance. I can't imagine having to feel this way long term. I really feel for people who can't afford insurance or who get declined. How awful. But I'm fine. I hope.


40 min treadmill intervals (well, 25 min intervals, 15 pure walking)

I burned the same amount of calories in 25-30ish minutes doing this workout than I did in my entire 50 minute walk yesterday LOL.

-5 pieces of fried shrimp (the order came with 10!!)
-1 or 2 small hush puppies
-about 1/2 of a biscuit with honey butter
-a side of potato salad
-a side of green beans (sans the bacon, ughhh bacon *gross*)
-giant mug of water

it's not healthy by any means, but that potato salad is so good

Pretty much the only seafood thing on the menu (well, that or catfish). I should have just stuck to sides (baked sweet potato and bbq beans, perhaps), but...coulda shoulda woulda. I didn't eat tooo much even though it seems like it in list form. Oh, and we've been going to that restaurant (Red Hot & Blue) for years and only now found out you can get a basket of their biscuits for free. Who knew?

-about 1/4 of a root beer

We had an old birthday coupon for a free entree, but didn't realize you had to buy 2 drinks. My brother had one at dinner, but my Dad and I just had water. I took root beer to go, but poured out most of it eventually.

-a few spoonfuls of chocolate coconut milk ice cream

Holy deliciousness. I've had coconut milk ice cream before and just thought it was ok, but this tasted like a mounds bar. So good. And only 150 cals and 12 grams of sugar per 1/2 cup. Not too shabby. I prob had 1/4 a cup worth?

The Boys Taking a Nap:

I swear when they're not yapping in each other's faces trying to start a fight they're snuggled up together at its finest :)


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