Saturday, May 8, 2010

Still Blah

May 7

-2 veggie tacos (organic blue corn shells, spicy bean dip, romaine lettuce, avocado, salsa)
-small scoop of spanish rice

-1/2 of a fruit, nut, and yogurt kind bar

-the other 1/2 of the bar

I ate the first half as a pre-workout snack, but then took too long to work out and needed to rinse, lather, and repeat :-P


50 minutes walking on treadmill

I felt like crap, but forced myself to do it. I got in workout gear early afternoon, yet didn't make it on the treadmill 'til 8 pm. Oops. On the plus side, I told myself I only HAD to do 20 min, preferably 30, and I made it to 50. So there's that.

I felt OK/fine most of the day, but my stomach felt blah again at nite. Weird since I barely ate and hadn't eaten for awhile when it started hurting. I don't get my body.

-leftover kombucha

We ordered in Cheesecake Factory delivery for dinner. I ordered an appetizer and was going to make a side salad, but I didn't think my stomach was up for it. Instead...

-fruit smoothie (apple juice, mango, raspberries, strawberries, honey, little bit of ice)

I didn't even have this 'til a little after 10 pm, so I didn't need to eat my Cheesecake Factory anyway.

I drank the smoothie out of my Las Vegas souvenir cup in honor of...


I'll post more details later, but yes it's true. I'm going to Vegas again. I can't WAIT.

Unfortunately, I fail and although I'd have SWORN I took a pic, there is not one on the camera. So just imagine a Las Vegas cup lol.


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  1. Girl have a rocking time in Vegas! I LOVE VEGAS!!! Got married there 9 yrs ago and they said it wouldn't last :)

    Thx for your super sweet, thoughtful comment, made my day!