Monday, May 10, 2010

Sickly Mother's Day :(

May 9

-mini apple juice box

Getting in a few quick carbs to power thru cardio :-P


40 minutes cross ramp
15ish min stretching

-a few bites of pb& j oatmeal
-a little less than half of an english muffin with pb& j
-part of a side of fruit
-about 1 cup of coffee

Felt like crap. I can't decide if it's an acid reflux-type stomach thing, a lung thing, or both. All I know is my chest feels tight and uncomfortable.

Unfortunately my Mom is sick (not sure if it's remnents from her lung procedure or what, but they think she may have pneumonia too), so I spent Mother's Day with her in the ER clinic while they hooked her up to an antibiotic IV. No fun.

-1/2 of a strawberry kombucha (also delicious, not quite as much as the guava, but still a definite re-buy)
-super small box of raisins

-the rest of the kombucha

I made my parents dinner since my Mom (and I...but I would have gone anyway) was too sick to make it to our meal reservations. Luckily they have brunch (we were doing a super late brunch) every Sunday, so hopefully we can make up for it next Sunday. *fingers crossed* My Mom requested pork chops, stuffing, and salad, so I made that + green beans for her. My Dad also wanted brussel sprouts, so I made those as well. I just picked from the options. I wasn't sure if I should even eat at all.

-honey dijon brussel sprouts
-green beans seasoned with greek seasoning and a drizzle of olive oil
-2 black mission figs
-1 medjool date

Trying to load up on alkaline foods in hopes of getting rid of this stomach crap or whatever it is. Was scared to eat very much though. Blah.

On the plus side my Mom loved her presents and said she had as good of a Mother's Day as she could. I just feel bad that she was so sick of Mother's Day. Poor Mom.



  1. I loved your reply to my heels question... rock the 5's girl! Love it. And wedges, so fun! Some of my readers dont seem to "get" heels. Most do, but some are like why would you wear them? Well, b/c they are sexy and hot :) Obvi you get this :)

    love the brussles and medjools, yum!

  2. Sorry to hear about you and your mom being sick :[
    This looks like a delicious day of food, though!