Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sick Mish-Mash

Nothing exciting to report for the most part since I've been to ill to do, well, anything. Except Monday, but even that was probably a bad idea. So I'm just combining all of the week. I only have some pics, 'cause sometimes I was too sick to worry about it. Especially because it's all boring.

May 10

My acid reflux kept me up until 6 am. Not fun. Well, that and my brother basically yelling (his mic is broken or something) while playing video games thru wifi on his PS3. So rude.

-small handful of raw almonds

-about 1/2 maybe 3/4 of a smoothie (strawberries, mango, 2-3 splashes of almond milk, pinch of xylitol, ice)

-club soda
-seafood appetizer: 2 pieces of shrimp/2 pieces of alligator (yes, alligator)/a little catfish/a few fries

of all things I forgot to take a pic. Here's part of the alligator decor inside :-P

Didn't think I should eat, but how could I pass up trying alligator? I'll pretend it's seafood. I mean, alligators live in the water. Humor me.

I could tell the waiter thought I was weird for ordering plain club soda. Whateva. I didn't think it was exactly a perrier type of joint ;). But man, being sick really sucks. The one cool thing about this place was its drink menu. They had approx. 20 (alcoholic) frozen drinks. Like the pre-made kind that come out of a slurpee-type machine behind the bar. Not the best, I know, but always fun once in awhile. Oh well.

Now to backtrack a little. Here's the whole point of going...

My brother was going to see one of his favorite bands, Kittie, in concert tonite. My parents were going to drop him off at the venue, have dinner, and pick him up. My Mom is still too sick and while I'm feeling pretty asstastic myself, I didn't want my Dad to be left alone waiting for hours, so I volunteered to go with him. We ended up in the West End. I remember it being much cooler when I was little. It was OK, but nothing to see really. My Dad wanted to eat and picked this place called Gators. He thought it was a nice seafood place, but it ended up being more of a dive bar. We decided to split the appetizer platter, so we could try the alligator. It wasn't very crowded, but only one guy was waiting tables. It took over 35 minutes to get our order. We almost left. We said we'd leave at 30 after the hour. Our food came at 29.

West End:

We went to pick up my very ecstatic brother who got to meet 2 of his favorite band members. But then right before pulling away, we found out that a security guard snatched his camera and said he couldn't have it back (aka the semi $ camera I gave him). My Dad found different security guards, who were not pleased, and went to find it. Luckily they did.

-a few more bites of catfish and fries

I don't remember the camera for the alligator, but I do for the leftovers? *eye roll*

Wish I didn't eat that. I felt OK after the first round, but those last bites a couple hours later made me feel bad again. :(

-2-3 sips of pomegranate kombucha
-about a tbsp himalyan pink salt mixed with water

pink salt is supposed to naturally make you produce more hydrocholoric stomach acid. I know that seems counterintuitive, but a lot of people with acid reflux actually don't produce ENOUGH acid. I don't know for sure if I'm in that category, but I have a sneaking suspiscion. Anyway. I thought it was working at first, but..false alarm.

May 11

Stayed up 'til 6 am again.....and then woke up around 11 because of bad reflux pain. Really (not) awesome. I don't know how much more of this I can take.

-small apple
-about 4 oz or so of cherry flavored aloe vera juice

Yep, still feeling horrible. It seemed to slightly help for a minute, but then it came back bad as ever.

-small handful of raw almonds

Feel worse.

Hours & hours & hours later...

-about 6 oz of cherry aloe vera

Starting to feel weak and a little shaky, but not worth the risk of feeling worse to eat anything. *sigh*

-glass of pink salt mixed with water

didn't really help

-glass of raw, organic apple cider vinegar mixed with water

I think it helped a little? It helped put me back to sleep, at least. I went to bed around 3 am and woke up around 6 back in terrible pain. Went downstairs and drank this and paced around some more and was back asleep by 8.

Nap Heads:

May 12

Then I woke up around 11:30, so still not the full nite rest I need, but better than 3 miserable hours total.

It felt more like a stomach problem than acid reflux at this point. Well, both. But I thought it would never go away if I didn't give my stomach something to try and digest, so...

-another glass of apple cider vinegar water
-a small apple
-1/4 a cup dry oats cooked with water then topped with a few raisins and a drizzle of honey

about 2 hours later...

-handful of original gluten free mary's crackers
-natural applesauce mixed with raisins

-a little piece of crystalized ginger
-a few sips of gingerale

I'm trying everything. Unfortunately, all unsuccessfully. :(

A little after 8 pm I was finally starving. I wanted either banana pancakes or chinese food. I didn't feel like making the pancakes, plus someone would have had to go get me bananas, so chinese food it was. Well, my Dad had to go pick that up too, but I digress. At least I didn't have to make anything.

-about 1/3 of an order of steamed vegetables and white rice w/ low sodium soy sauce
-about 90% of a container of coconut water

I still hate coconut water, tastes (literally) like garbage to me, but since I still feel weak I figured it couldn't hurt. I really wish I liked it.

Oh, & remind me next time I order that chinese to request they make it in that clear sauce they use. They did with the veggies and tofu, but not the plain veg. SO BLAND (hence the soy).

-apple cider vinegar water

Hmm, more pics than I expected, at least. Though, yes, still uber-boring.



  1. Alligator and Kittie in one night?! That sounds awesome!
    Your illness, however, does not. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. LOL I know, right? :) And thanks! I think I am getting better slowly, phew.