Thursday, May 6, 2010


May 4

-half of a banana with a small smear of honey peanut butter

-salad (spinach, carrot, radicchio, strawberries in a homemade olive oil/lemon juice/honey dressing)
-small cut up apple (half didn't make it to picture time lol)
-smores coffee

-half of a peanut butter luna bar

-tilapia with a mascarpone and lobster sauce
-roasted veggies
-one bite of bread w/ oil and vinegar
-glass of chianti

My Mom was starving, so I suggested Maggiano's before thinking about how unhealthy it is. I was going to just have a big bowl of mussels, but after asking for the fish special of the day the server talked me into that instead. It was pretty good. Loved the little chunks of lobster. I thought I was still hungry after, but I didn't eat and felt content.


1 hr 20 min walking on treadmill, about 1/3 of the time on incline

I just wore flip flops and planned on doing a short walk on the treadmill just because. Turned out to be an actual workout. Oops. I felt good, but that was probably dumb considering the (lack of) foot wear. *shrug*

-1 tbsp hummus
-a few gluten free tortilla chips

Kinda late to be eating, but figured a little post workout fuel couldn't hurt.

Pretty Girl:



  1. We have a Maggianos out here, I've been curious to try it.

    I really like your take-along container with the dividers. I'm gonna have to find me one.

  2. It's really good, we go pretty often.

    Thanks! I think I found mine somewhere for only $1. I forget where, but I want to say either a dollar store or a dollar section of a grocery store or target or something. I know target and I think walmart sell similar items for $10 or so. It's really helpful!

  3. Yum, more awesome-looking food. So, just curious, what are your goals? Are you looking to lose weight, go vegetarian or vegan, just improve overall health/well-being, etc.?