Wednesday, May 5, 2010


May 2

-hazelnut coffee
-strawberry-banana smoothie
-one veggie crepe w/ hollandaise on the side (that I think I dipped into once)
-side of fruit (instead of their mediocre potatoes)

Went to my fave breakfast place. YUM. Turned out they're not so vegan friendly, but what breakfast place is? But hey, crepes are my favorite food group ;). And they make the best smoothies and coffee. Nom.

-the other veggie crepe

-4 mini veggie egg rolls
-bbq almond thins (too spicy/smoky and tasted weird, but I still ate them *eye roll*)
-gluten free biscuit with a maple flavored veggie sausage
-the very last of the kombucha
-emergen-c joint juice

One of those evenings where nothing sounds good, but you feel insatiable so instead of a proper meal you end up eating crap and more crap. Hate that!

My Dad wants me to get more glucosamine/chondroitin in my diet for my muscle problems, but the pills often hurt my stomach. So far the juice packets seem ok. I just wish they tasted good as regular emergen-c. These don't dissolve as well.


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