Friday, May 14, 2010

Evil Doctor Internetz

May 13

-barbara's cereals (original shredded + vanilla almond) mixed with strawberries and almond milk

I finally slept through the nite. 'Til 2:30 pm, actually. But now I'm concerned that maybe my lungs are infected. Greeeat. Could still be an acid reflux thing, but feels more lung-y. Shortness of breath, 99.6 fever, and all that. Remember last week, exactly a week ago, I said I couldn't tell if it was AR or lungs? Maybe it was both :(.

I also vaguely remember waking up in the middle of the nite for about 5 seconds with a cramp in my calf muscle. Could anything else go wrong? At least it went away within seconds and I passed right back out. I would have forgotten completely had my calf not felt a little sore this afternoon.

-another 1/3 of chinese veggies and rice w/ low sodium soy
-cherry flavored aloe vera juice

-glass of apple cider vinegar mixed with water

Or maybe it's not my lungs. Or maybe it is AMONG other things. I guess it really can get worse. Now doctor internetz has me FREAKING that it's REALLY my gallbladder. I'm having pains under my right ribcage area, among other telltale signs, so...shit. Freaking. Out.

I have a doctor's appointment for tomorrow morning, so don't worry I won't trust everything I read online to be certain. But I'm so anxious. I do NOT want surgery. At all. We'll see what it really is and what my options are.

*sad face*


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