Sunday, May 16, 2010

Doctor + Party

May 14

I went to the doctor and answers. I like my doctor a lot as a person, but she didn't seem very concerned about my pain. She (mostly) dismissed my gallbladder concerns, saying it's probably just a pulled muscle. DESPITE eventually agreeing that where it hurts is exactly where the gallbladder is. Of course I WANT it to be nothing, but it just seems like more should be done to rule it out than a simple hunch?? She was more concerned about my lungs, which is good, but I don't really think there's anything wrong with them now? I mean maybe. But she couldn't hear any wheezing or anything going on, I'm not coughing, etc. But she gave me an antibiotic anyway, just in case. I hate taking medicine if I don't absolutely HAVE to, so I'm extra weary of taking it, but I will. Only because of my upcoming trip. If it *is* something, I need to be finished with the meds asap. Argh.

-salad (spinach, mixed greens, chick peas, carrots, mushrooms, a couple random strawberries, artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, peas, a few pieces of asparagus, etc. with an olive oil & balsamic drizzle)
-3/4 of a bottle of guava Kombucha (my preccccccious)

FINALLY got to eat. I was hungry and hadn't eaten since 7:30 the nite before. I fasted for my dr appt thinking I'd have to have blood drawn. I actually was supposed to (not for today's concerns, but just as a general wellness check up), but I don't have my new insurance card yet and without it they'd have charged thousands of dollars. No thanks, I can wait a couple of weeks. Or at least until Monday when my Dad calls the insurance company to make sure everything is in order.

Then, I FINALLY got to see my massage therapist. Usually I see her twice a week, but it had been about 9 days. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to comfortably get a massage, since I do the chair ones and it might have hurt my ribs to bend over like that. Luckily I was OK. She told me my below rib pain of course could be gallbladder, but it could also be strained intercostal muscles (basically, the muscles in between your ribs) from the acid reflux irritating it. She also said my rib was slightly out of place (which I asked my doctor about the possibility, since I'm prone to that, but she wasn't concerned about that either). She tried to coax it back into place, but since she's not a chiropractor she can't guarantee it would stick. Not to mention, we don't know if that has any cause of my pain anyway. Ho Hum.

-4 starbursts
-1 gummy fish

My Mom found a box of only red (well, red and pink) starbursts at Central Market. Sweet! I stole one of each flavor and one of the gummy candies I got my brother. Yum. My first processed sugar in awhile :-P.

-1.5 mini muffins
-amazeballs salad with mixed greens, a few blue cheese crumbles, pears, and walnuts...and half way thru I added some of their soso good homemade croutons (scrummmmmmmptious)
-rainbow trout with slivered almonds
-extremely good mashed potatoes, a few bites of really good fried okra, 2 pieces of a cheesey squash with the cheese removed, 3 pieces of steamed broccoli
-half of a small piece of cake
-2 vodka sodas with lime

want this again ASAP
wouldn't turn this down either

Delicious. This restaurant, Celebration, is usually super tasty and this time was no exception. However, last time we ate there a few months ago it SUCKED. Glad to know it was just an off nite. Phew.

And this was the first time in awhile I felt semi-normal. I was still in pain, but not much when I sat still and I was able to eat a regular meal, etc.

The reason we went was for my cousin's college graduation! Congrats, Caurie!

Genie's new haircut. I swear she looks JUST like my Mom, lol

My new cell wallpaper. Awwwwwww.


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