Sunday, May 2, 2010


April 30

40 minutes cross ramp
15-20 minutes stretching

Morning workout? YES, they're baaaaaaack. And hopefully here to stay. *fingers crossed*

-luna smores bar (fake tasting, but neeeeeded. I ate it while walking out of Walmart directly after paying lol, I was staaaarving)
-protein shake (scoop of chocolate sun warrior, half of a banana, 6 oz rice milk, ice)

Breakfast Fail.

I spent over $40 on a protein powder that's supposed to be amazing, but tastes chalky? Awesome. Grr. I was so excited about it to. I thought I'd found a miracle supplement. :-P. Maybe it's better in food (oatmeal, granola bars, etc)? Here's hoping.

-Amy's vegan enchilada meal

Good, but gave me a little bit of an acidic feeling in my throat a little after I ate it.

-free sample of salmon tartar on a cracker
-1 mini corn muffin
-sweet potato "hummus" on herby flatbread crackers
-red snapper on top of a bed of risotto-y jasmine rice in a red curry-lemon grass broth with a papaya salsa on top
-half of the chocolate hazelnut profiteroles
-half of the lemon phyllo tart with a smidge of pistachio ice cream

Um. Wow. I wasn't forgoing all dairy for this, no siree. Deee-lish. The phyllo tart and ice cream were out of this world and the rest wasn't half bad either. Drool. And we got to sit on the patio to boot, my new favorite thing to do (pretty much why we went). Now that's what I call a Friday nite! As you can tell from the photos, the wine didn't amount to 3 full glasses. More like 1.5 maximum. Probably less. I added the suggested wine pairings to my 3 course picks and they were very small pours. I think I'd just pick my own from now on, but it was the perfect amount for what I needed anyway.

Now for a lil dietary talky talk.

Instead of striving for veganism with a hypocritical side of fish and honey (LOL), for now I may lean more towards pescatarian and dairy-light (instead of dairy-free, because let's face it, I fail at dairy-free, big time). Which I've been doing anyway, I just don't have to beat myself up over hidden (or the occasional not so hidden, where I just look the other way) dairy consumption. Not that I need a label. Just saying.

I do still wish I could be stricter, at least for a better experiment, but it's so hard and it doesn't seem worth it at this point. As you probably notice I don't eat at home very often. Sure I could change that, but that would be a lifestyle change, not just how I eat. I like going out. I can always make better choices, but moderation is better than strict restriction for me. Not making excuses, but if we had more vegan/veg friendly restaurants/bakeries it'd be easier, but alas we do not.

I did finally make it one month meat free. I didn't start missing it until I'd say week 3. Weeks 3 and 4 were tough. Real tough. I'm kind of over it by now. I'm not saying I swear off meat completely or don't think about it every day, but for now I'm good where I am. But I do still think about it.

Also, I know I seem obsessed, but you'll be seeing these for a looooooong time. My birthday present came in the mailllllllll. They're about a half size smaller than I thought I'd need, but they were all that weren't sold out. I think they fit OK. A half size up may have felt a little less toe-squished, but then again I'm notorious for buying shoes too big, so these may be perfect after all. Regardless, they're mine all mine all miiiine.




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  1. HOT SHOES!!!!!!!!!

    can we go out together and party in those??! fun!!!

    "I may lean more towards pescatarian and dairy-light (instead of dairy-free, because let's face it, I fail at dairy-free, big time)."

    perfect attitude. only when we box ourselves in is when we fail. if we leave things wide open, no pressure, we dont get that omg i may fail, feeling. and really there is no "failing" but ykwim.

    got all your entries, thankx :)