Monday, May 3, 2010

B-Day Din Din

May 1

-(white chocolate) peanut butter and (huckleberry) jam (hemp) oats
-as much as I could gulp down of the oh-so-delicious kombucha

The oats? Phenom. I've tried pb&j oats before and wasn't impressed, but this time....perfection. Totally tasted like pb&j. Last time the "j" got lost, but this time I got the ratios down pat, lol. I really wanted a sprouted english muffin with pb& j, but the eng muffins were slightly moldy. Lame. But this was just as delish. Success.

Got my nails done at a new salon. The decor in there was pretty. Wish I took a pic of the collage on the other side too.

Tonite I finally had my birthday dinner yay. I kept it small and only invited my immediate fam, my cousin, and my coworker and her boyfriend. They all went for hibachi and I had sushi. Everyone loved their food, it was a great nite.

-about 3/4 of miso soup (which they actually forgot about and didn't bring out 'til the end)
-a few bites of a small side salad
-large hot sake
-3 pieces of a summer roll (no mango, wtf that's why I ordered it. It was good, but I would have preferred 2 sushi rolls instead....)
-about 3/4 of a titan sushi roll (basically a cali roll but with real crab and with spicy tuna on top and a spicy sauce)
-about 2 bites of the free birthday fried ice cream + the 2 orange slices they used for garnish LOL
-2 vodka sodas w/ lime

do you guys pour your own sake? I used to, but semi-recently read it was bad luck. Now my dinner companions hate me b/c I'm constantly requesting they refill my cup. Haha.
+ 2

my leftovers + part of the hibachi show

+ 1

I had sooo much liquid, I could barely move. LOL

I only had the sake at dinner, but my coworker-friend wanted to buy me a couple drinks at the bar after. :)

Oh, and it was kind of funny. The table next to us sang happy bday to me as well LOL. Awkward :). But cute. And then it turned out to be a member of their party's birthday, so we clapped for him. YAY for hibachi comrades haha.

-mocha chocolate rice cream ice cream sandwich

can't find the pic I took of this, think I accidentally deleted it. Don't worry, it wasn't a very good picture. LOL

Ate this while watching Small Wonder with my brother and hiccupping my face off on the couch 'til I fell asleep :-P. Hate hiccups! I got them twice in a row too, grr.

Outfit of the Nite:

dress print close up. Awww.

I had more pics on my real camera, but I seem to have lost the battery charger. I ordered one off of ebay, so hopefully that will be here soon.


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  1. blogger just ate a comment ARGH
    ok so funny stomach = food intolerance in a subtle way, good that you're figureing this all out now!

    and you look hot n ssassssssy in your dress!