Friday, May 7, 2010

5 am Wake Up Call

May 6

Had to wake up at 5 am. Oh boy. My Mom had a lung bronchoscopy done and my Dad and I went with her. Too. Early. But for some reason I woke up really hungry.

-strawberry kind bar

too dark out to capture a non-blurry pic

And then realized eating at 5 am was a bad idea. My stomach was a little angry. Not too bad, at least.

Around 8 am or so my Dad was starving, so I decided to get food for later (still feeling only so-so, stomach-wise). Um and then proceeded to eat half on the spot. It was so good! But it made me feel a litttle worse.

-half of a veggie sub on wheat
-a few bites of fruit (about half of what's pictured)
-small strawberry-peach chiller (ice and fruit)

Then my Mom came back and was doing pretty good. They only kept her in the hospital for an hour and then let her go. They gave her TWICE the medicine they'd give a full grown man to go to sleep and she still was awake during the entire procedure. Geez! Last time she had this done by a different doctor she was awake and it was a terrible experience for her, so that was her biggest fear. This time, her new doctor made her feel much more comfortable. She said despite being awake she felt OK about it. Thank God.

Shortly after we finally came home, I ate again. And felt worse. Must be all the gluten. Stupid! And even stupider, I took a (much needed, but still) nap. You really shouldn't lie down for at least 3 hours after eating, especially when you're prone to reflux. So yep, the lack of sleep (which I know is the REAL reason for the acid reflux, the foods only exacerbated it) and then laying down to sleep kind of gave me acid reflux all day. Catch 22 at its finest. At least it was not the severe reflux I sometimes get, but still bothersome.

-the other half of the sandwich
-sweet potato chips
-1/2 slice vegan carrot cake

Bad idea. DUH.

It felt weird eating so much and it only being noon-ish lol. But I was genuinely hungry.

-100% fruit grapefruit popsicle

-1/2 of a guava kombucha

Thought this may help give me a lil alkalinity. It helped a lil.

-4 mini veggie dolmas
-a lil scoop of chick pea salad
-more guava kombucha

Was nervous to eat again, but my stomach was grumbling a bit. Luckily I felt OK. Not super great, but didn't make it worse. Phew. Plus I LOVE that flavor of kombucha. Probably just as much as the homemade kind at Whole Foods juice bar. And that's saying something.

-breathe deep tea

boo to one of my fave mugs getting messed up

Pretty sure it was just the reflux, but my lungs were pretty hurt-y too. Maybe sympathy pains for my Mom :-P.

Couldn't WAIT to go to sleep and (hopefully) wake up feeling much better....


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