Wednesday, April 28, 2010


April 26

-the lil bit of leftover tofu panang curry
-4 mini vegan spring rolls dipped lightly in leftover peanut sauce

The panang curry doesn't have a little spicy icon next to it on the menu, yet the yellow curry does. I normally order the yellow and don't find it spicy at all, but this one was. Huh.

For being a frozen food, those spring rolls are really good. Granted, they are made by a company named Health Is Wealth, so they better be! :-P

-4 pita squares with artichoke hummus (it was ok, but major rip off...$10!)
-half of a veggie souvlaki with a little tzikiki (too oniony, but otherwise good)
-about half a serving of roasted potatoes (also quite good)
-glass of italian pinot grigio (delish)

my portion x 2

We tried a new (to us...we think. Neither my Mom or I can remember if we've been to their other location) Greek restaurant. I'd say it's a winner. Not as good as our favorite, but still good enough to make it into the rotation. And it's open mid-afternoon, so that's nice. Not that we're usually home at 3 on a Monday, but hey for times like these it's nice they don't close from 2:30-5 like the others.

-frozen grapes

-the other 1/2 of the carrot cake clif bar

-2 tsps of homemade coconut oil chocolate (I think I was slightly too heavy handed with the agave, but otherwise really good)

-the rest of my veggie souvlaki pita + the leftovers of my mom's greek side salad

The salad had a little feta in it (plus I ate the tzikiki knowing it was made with yogurt), but after accidentally having the first bite of feta I wasn't going to stop. Mmmm feta.

Stuffed. But not uncomfortable.

I also had a sip of (vanilla) rice milk for the first time. Walmart didn't have almond milk, ugh. I was so scared to try this for some reason haha, but it was pretty good. I still can't bring myself to try hemp milk. But this was better than I thought it would be.


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