Friday, April 9, 2010

Soy Overload

April 6

29 minutes elliptical

-protein shake (3/4 cup soy milk, 1 serving chocolate soy protein powder, half of a large banana)

I'm probably eating/drinking way too much soy, but y'know.

I went to the chiro and he told me I was EXTREMELY out of alignment. Boo.

-grande soy cappucinno (CAFFEINEEEEE)

more soy

-vegan boca burger on 1 slice of hemp bread with soy cheese and chinese hot mustard (LOL for some reason we only have chinese condiments in our work fridge)
-about 1/3 of a side of chick-fil-a fries
-a few bites of a cucumber and kumato tomato salad with organic italian dressing I made

didn't eat the raw chocolate tart

Annnnnd more soy.

-carrot cake clif bar

You guessed it. Soy. :-\. I'd randomly been craving this bar for weeks now (even tho I don't know if I've ever even had it! I was beginning to think I made the carrot cake flavor up, LOL). It wasn't amazing or anything, but it's good. Now I want more. And only one place sells them.

-chips & salsa
-bud lite lime

Last minute Happy Hour. No soy. Chili's changed their salsa. It went from amazing to eh. Fail.

-brown rice tortilla with hummus, spinach, and sundried tomato

Gasp. Still no soy.

Very random too lol. I couldn't figure out what to make. I wanted to make a rice and bean burrito with leftovers from last nite, but my Dad mixed all of the leftovers with the ground turkey taco meat I made for the rest of my family. UGH. He thinks I'm being unreasonable for not eating it anyway (not the meat, but he thinks I can still just separate them. UM, the beans are on the bottom, the meat is literally sandwiched in between bean dip and could I separate that and have NO meat touch my food?) C'mon. I was like umm if I had a real allergy to this food I wouldn't be able to touch it or I could die, so why would I want to eat food that meat touched when I'm not eating meat? But he thinks my logic is ridiculous. Dads!

I'm still hungry even though it seems like I've been stuffing my face all day :-P. I know I'm eating way too much since I quit eating meat/most dairy. Gotta stick to eating more fruit and veg and less chips and dips :-x. I've also had a horrible toothache off and on (one of my big front teeth) for like a week, so it's annoying/hard to eat or drink. Not that you'd know it from all my nom nomming, lol.

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