Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sickie + Shoe Search Part One

April 22

-part of the free soup I got to eat while waiting for my to-go order (very nice of them! I only had to wait like 5 min)
-a little tofu panang curry
-2 thai spring rolls (the rice paper ones, not fried) with delicious peanut sauce

not as good as usual, still craving some good ones a lil bit

I felt pretty sick (alternating stomach and headaches) all day. Probably still sleep deprived. After just under 2 hours at the office I had to call it quits and take a nap/rest switching off whatever office wasn't being used at the time. Bummer. But hey, at least they all have couches.

-half of an oatmeal raisin clif bar

Needed a lil sustenance to push through the day.

-20 oz skinny light & fluffy smoothie with a joint and tissue supplement

I FINALLY converted my Mom to Smoothie King. Sort of. She would never even try it before because she thought they put all sorts of weird things in it. Yeah, she's the weird one, LOL jk. But she decied to try the regular light and fluffy (strawberry, banana, oj, honey, and turbinado...aka sugar) and really liked it. Success! It only took 10-15 years of convincing, lol.

Then, we went on about a 2 or so hour goose chase for me to pick up some Cynthia Vincent wedges from Target. A few of the websites said they had them, but when we got to the (semi-far away) stores they were nowhere to be found. It was SO frustrating.

In between looking we stopped at Olive Garden for dinner.

-olive garden salad
-cappelini pomodoro (about 3/4 portion)

You know I didn't feel that great if I didn't have wine, LOL. Ugh headache.

I finally found ONE pair of the shoes in a 10 (I'm an 8ish) and tried them on just for kicks (har har, no pun intended). Shockingly, they sort of fit. I mean they were too big, but not ridiculously so. I could have gotten away with them without them falling off my feet, HOWEVER, I have incredibly tiny/narrow ankles (and a wide foot...such a pain to fit, but anyway...) and the straps that go across the ankle were WAY too loose and non adjustable. Dumb! Oh welllll. After being pissed for awhile I calmed down and mostly got over it. I did the best I could to find them.

-a few too many cinnamon sugar pita chips (random craving. well, really I kinda wanted cinn-raisin bagel crisps, but these were close enough).

-huckleberry popcorn

Those went unpictured. Sugarwhore.


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  1. yum to the spring rolls and i like that cliff too but honestly the blueberry one for what it is, is really tasty to me.

    Sugarwhore. you crack me up LOL