Friday, April 30, 2010

Pick Two

April 29

-side salad (organic greens with granny smith apple slices and balsamic)
-side of fruit
-iced tea

Not quite sure how that constituted a meal ( was supposed to. It was from the pick 2 combo. Um, you'd think it'd be double what they gave, of the salad at least, but alas...)

-caramel nut brownie luna bar


-handful of mixed nuts
-whole wheat roll
-side of broccoli
-side of cabbage
-cajun spiced tilapia

-1/2 of a rice dream chocolate pie ice cream sandwich

Outfit of the Day:

excuse the stupid face, LOL

I never found "THE" Cynthia Vincent wedges, but these are a good replacement. Kind of ugly, but in a cute way? And at least not everyone in the world has these? Yeah, I'll keep telling myself that. They are super comfy!


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