Saturday, April 3, 2010

Moose Drool

March 29

-2 blueberry pancakes with apple butter and much more syrup than I'd usually use

terrible ingredients, but love the variety. Around here we usually only have a choice of strawberry or grape jam. Mixed berry if they're feeling especially dangerous LOL.

-venti vanilla rooibos tea

-maple-cream filled dark chocolate (not as good as it sounds. good, but nothing special)

-about 85% of a moose drool beer

Drank this while I waited for my Mom's takeout order to be ready. We went to that restaurant again with the ahole workers and it stressed me out, LOL.

-a few rice crackers
-salad in a bag sprinkled with lemon juice (from a real lemon) and a few pieces of lettuce I dipped in red pepper hummus
-half of a tomato-y soy-"chicken" meal with rice
-a few of my mom's fries

Kind of funny, but now even fake chicken freaks me out. I still feel like I'm biting into flesh, since it's so realistic tasting. Blech. Otherwise it was good. I ate almost all of the rice and sauce.

-the last of the vanilla-pom cashews
-half a small slice of cherry pie
-1 cabernet chocolate truffle
-hot soy chocolate milk

Oink Oink.

The first time I tried the hot choc I said it was amazing, but the last two times it's tasted a little watery? Weird. It's still good, but not great. The truffles dipped into the hot choc to make them all melty are fabu tho.


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