Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lost Post

I accidentally deleted the post I wrote for April 11 :( but here's the food and pics....

-huckleberry popcorn

-1/3 bowl of oatmeal with chocolate soy protein powder and 1 tbsp dark chocolate peanut butter (once again I brought my own fixings to Denny's, lol)
-1/3 bowl mixed fruit

I also ordered an english muffin, but it came covered in butter, so I gave it to my Dad. Ugh.

-more huckleberry popcorn

-leftover vegan burger half from the other day
-the rest of the mixed fruit
-a few pop chips with salsa
-mango limeaid mixed with sparkling water

-slice of lemon pie

I made a new pie, this time using organic demerera cane sugar, so it's more brown than yellow lol


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