Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kathy Griffin

April 18


-41 minutes cross ramp
-15ish min stretching

-1.5 large falafel balls
-a few bites of greek salad
-a few bites of super thin pita
-a ton of extra crispy breakfast potatoes with ketchup
-a cup or 2 of coffee with 3 drops english toffee liquid stevia

HUGE portion

Made my stomach hurt a little, but not tooo bad. I'd never seen giant falafel balls before. They were pretty good, but randomly really spicy. I still like the little ones more. Also, I was intrigued (and excited given my semi-dairy-free status) by the mention of a tahini dressing, but when it came out it was plain old tzikiki. Ho-hum.

The first restaurant my Dad and I were going to go to for breakfast is about 15-20 min away and we realized we didn't really have time this week. The second restaurant we decided on went out of business. We hadn't been in awhile, but we've gone there for years and years and years. Kinda sad. I think the owner just decided to retire or open up a place in the country or something (the person we asked didn't make it clear which brother she was talking about lol...a trio of brothers own a few similar local restaurants), so I guess either of those options better than him going broke or something, but still kinda sad. Even though I didn't like it that much anyway LOL. Anyway, then after all that we both ordered lunch instead (at another one of the brother's restaurants) :-P.

On another note...

I've been in pretty severe pain for a few weeks now. The chiro doesn't seem to be improving it. If anything I'm hurting in the same places PLUS new ones. I don't know what to do :(.

-a little trout with a mini crab cake in a butter sauce (grr butter) w/ some zucchini, squash, and white beans
-some bread
-glass of prosecco

I knew I should have said no butter sauce. Ugh. I don't really like butter. I didn't feel sick or anything, but it just wasn't very good. If I'm gonna eat dairy I'd rather eat yogurt (regular or frozen) or goat cheese or something, sheesh. We were both still a little bit hungry after. I wish we'd have had time for dessert. I heard the people next to us ordering grilled strawberries as we were leaving. Grilled fruit? SIGN ME UP.

Originally, my Mom and I were planning to eat at the venue's restaurant (we were seeing Kathy Griffin do stand up for the evening), but for some reason it wasn't open? After asking around and panicking a little because we didn't see any restaurants around (we were STARVING) we found a fun area across the street and I chose the little wine bar. Every time I see a wine bar I'm like "MUST TRY." My Mom was reluctant (most of the menu was pretty fancy and she's a pretty plain eater), but she ended up LOVING it. I thought it was OK. I'd go back, but try something else. The (turned out to be mini sized) crab cake and prosseco were good, but the rest was so-so for like $31. Oh well.

in front of the restaurant area we ate dinner at. We haven't really been around this area of Dallas. We want to go back sometime soon to explooore.

Kathy Griffin was so good! My Mom and I always watch her show together and have seen every episode. We've been trying to see her act for 3+ years, but always have some sort of conflict. FINALLY we made it. YES. Success. We bought our tickets months and months ago (like 6 months ago or so) and forgot where our seats were. 6th row orchestra, hell yeah! The first half or so I thought she was hilarious, yet I still expected a little more. You know what I mean? But then something just turned and I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to have makeup-stained tears allll over my face. Now that's what I expected. Oh yeah. Too bad her eyes are closed in every pic I took of her. Weird. I swear she made eye contact with me once too. I always think that when I'm close at concerts/shows/etc. haha, but I really saw it! :-P

venue lobby

Her assistant Tom was there too. Before the show some guy was putting those bottles of water and that cup on the table and every time he came out people would clap and I was so confused. Finally I saw his face and screamed "TOM!" haha.

-another large falafel w/ ketchup
-the leftovers potatoes w/ ketchup
-a little more pita

Outfit of the Day:

my camera kept doing this blurry/spooky lighting for awhile. So weird.

decided to be gaudy and add this headband at the last sec

At the venue they had a random gift shop where I bought my Mom a funny cat nitegown, so she told me to pick something she could buy me. I got the peace ring. She ended up wearing it most of the nite tho. The other ring I got at that same antique store in Montana that I posted about with the green ring the other day.

Ugh this was a struggle. I felt like I looked really wide and ugly in everything. Including hair and makeup (well ugly, not wide LOL). Hate that. I literally tried on outfits for an hour and a half before just throwing on jeans and a tank. A nice tank, but still. Frustrating. I'm usually not like that at all. I try to get ready really quickly no matter what. It was just one of those things, *sigh*.

BTW, today was one of my bestest friends, Marie's, birthdays. Wish I could be with you in Boston to celebrate. Love and miss you!



  1. that's such a pretty shirt and i love your headband! :)

  2. Jealous!! I love Kathy!

    Your outfit was really cute. Love the jewels and that top.