Sunday, April 4, 2010

Home Sweet Home

March 31

I woke up at 8 am-ish after going to bed around 3. Ugh. I was a lil hungry, so around 8:45 my Mom and I trapezed downstairs to get some free grub. I was impressed. They had bagels, toast, a cereal bar, donuts, fresh fruit, apples, yogurt, etc etc. Simple, but REAL food!

-1/2 green tazo (!) tea (the "hot" water was pretty lukewarm though)
-2 pieces of whole grain toast with peanut butter and orange marmalade
-bowl of fresh mixed fruit (!!! finally!)

Yay for free tasty breakfasts. And no dairy or meat! I almost got cereal and milk and yogurt, but decided I wouldn't enjoy it anymore than what I did have. And I was right. My choices were DELICIOUS.

I tried to make oatmeal, but they only had hot water available, no microwave or anything, and it turned more into lukewarm sludge. No thank you.

But hey, any place that has fresh fruit and peanut butter is A-OK with me :). Love this branch of hotels.

-California Pizza Kitchen express barley pea soup

One of the healthiest meals I had all trip and it was at an airport lol. And the free hotel breakfast was healthy too. I couldn't get any real food from a restaurant, but a continental hotel spread and an airport express line had good stuff? Yeppppp. Maybe because neither were in smalltown Montana lol. Poor Montana. No offence if you live there, I just had a harrrrd time eating there.

-hot tea

I got kind of addicted to those cookies lol. They're really good dipped in tea. And the ingredients were decent, surprisingly.

I basically sat in the airport for 2-3 hours holding back tears. It was SO BAD OUT. Not as windy anymore, but it was snowy and rainy and PURE WHITE outside from the clouds and moisture. Every time I fly in rain/clouds it's turbulent and I just couldn't go through that again. I almost couldn't get on the plane, but forced myself very very reluctantly. The first half hour-45 min were nerve wracking. Nothing like before, but it still didn't feel like a smooth ride. I was miserable, but it could have been way worse. Once we got past all of the bad weather and mountains the ride was pretty good. Thank God.

once the clouds started to break up
almost all gone, but still in the mountains
we got our seats literally right before the flight while at the gate, but somehow ended up with the exit row. At first I was freaking out thinking it was the emergency exit row and I was already freaking out + I thought I couldn't have my carry on under the seat in front of me in an exit row, but I guess I could. Phew.
SO. MUCH. LEG. ROOM. Turned out we really lucked out and got the best seat on the plane. I almost felt like we had too much leg room. Haha madness.
curtain to first class in front of us. Honestly, I think even we had more room though! Maybe not width wise, but def. leg room! No free booze for us tho *pout* LOL. The guy ahead of me sure liked his bloody mary's ;).

We went to surprise my Dad at work straight from the airport to take him to dinner, but he was leading his group and it is so hard to get the members to leave. Ugh. We didn't have time, because we had to pick up my brother from his computer class, so we got it to go. Oh well.

-ginger broccoli tofu with carrots, green onion, and snap peas
-mandarin orange green tea

They barely gave me any tofu. Boo. Mostly I just wanted a big bowl of brown rice, so I'll forgive them. This time. :-P. A little too saucy though. & I also got acid reflux, but I took a digestive enzyme and it went right away. Phew.

-small sample of huckleberry popcorn (good, but kind of perfume-tasting lol)

SO many boxes to come home to. Sheesh! Only one turned out to be for me though: my sneakers. Yay. Finally, a pair that fits great! Let's hope they're just as comfy while working out...

AHHH home. We made it.


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