Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy B-Day, Mama

April 2

My Mom's bday!

(+ Autism Awareness Day!)

-vegan mediterranean lunch buffet (hummus, baba ghanouj, cucumber salad, 2-3 potato chunks, 2 falafels, a little rice, tabouli, beans, pasta, 2 dolmas, a few sips of a spinach lentil soup, + some fruit and a small delicious piece of baklava for dessert)
-iced tea

My Mom wanted to try this new-ish mediterranean buffet place by our office. The actual taste of everything was only so-so, but I'm still kind of obsessed with it, because it had SO MANY veggie/vegan-friendly options. WOOHOO. Really healthy I think, too. It was a little hard to pass up the fish and a few items w/ feta, but once I sat down I was perfectly content with my choices. I couldn't even finish the plate I made, so I didn't need those options anyway. So there! :-P. I was full for a good 4-5 hours after.

-mug of kashi go lean crunch, almond dream milk, and sliced strawberries

Just needed a lil somethin' somethin' to tide me over 'til din din :). Simple perfection.

-brown rice pasta with all natural mushroom marinara + extra mushrooms & tomatoes...and a little too much black pepper
-glass of riesling

kept spilling wine everywhere
Dinner I made my parents: chicken with capers, artichokes, and tomatoes with brown rice. For my Dad's I also put steamed broccoli and cauliflower, but my mom wouldn't touch 'em :-P

The whole cereal thing was a GREAT idea, because we didn't get to have dinner 'til 9.

-chocolate mousse cake with vanilla soy ice cream

I couldn't find a comparable pre-made vegan alternative and dammit I wanted cake. So I had some. My Mom thought it was the best cake of all time. Happy for her, but I thought it was just OK. Will I ever learn? :-P.

I've also decided to have fish tomorrow at my Mom's bday celebration dinner. This is a bad month to go strict on myself. Between my Mom's bday, my brother's, and mine, it's tough. I know if I stick with this in the long run it will be different and I'll be in more of a groove and know what I like and what good substitutes are blah blah blah, but right now it seems too daunting. I COULD do it, but eh. I feel like I keep having to justify it to myself, but obviously I really am doing better. But it's still not best. Argh. I'm such a broken record. Damn dairy for hiding in everything! It's hard enough not eating yogurt, but it sneaks its ugly little head into alllllll foods it seems. Bah!

Outfit of the Day:



  1. Love your outfit! That cake looks DELICIOUS. Too bad you didn't like it much, but at least your mom did!

  2. aww thanks. I always feel weird wearing green pants, but I thought they worked :). The cake was from Whole Foods, so for $20 for a tiny cake (it looks average sized there, but it was only 6 inches) it better be good haha. But yeah, the chocolate on the outside was sooo good at least.