Saturday, April 3, 2010

Family Day In

March 28

-leftover steelcut oatmeal with raisins
-a large banana stuffed with white chocolate pb + vanilla-pom cashews
-the other half of a half piece of toast with cherry jam
-pomegranate herbal tea

Probably a little too much, but I ate it all. So good.

I tried to work out, but every machine (except one that I didn't understand) wasn't turning on in the fitness room. It was a small, crappy room anyway, but I would have been perfectly content with one treadmill or something similar. Sheesh. I reluctantly went swimming. Laps are so hard! LOL. I made myself do it for about half an hour, then I sat in the "hot tub," but it never really got hot, so I gave up. When I went back to the room housekeeping had JUST gotten there. Ugh. So I had to sit around in a wet bathing suit for like 15 minutes. Lovely.

-about half the order of onion rings with bbq sauce
-ditto the sweet potato fries with bbq sauce
-a few bites of baked beans
-iced tea

LOL a few years ago my friend Sam went with me to see my grandma and it was the first time I ate here and Sam and I thought this was the funniest sign, so I took a pic of it again :-P

My grandma wanted to go to Sparky's for lunch. That's the same place that my Mom and I had dinner the other nite where I said they basically had NO veg options.

I'm going to be so happy to be home and able to eat "real" food. As I said before, they're more meat and potato types around here. I miss fresh vegetables that aren't fried, salads that consist of more than iceberg lettuce and a few boxed croutons, good hummus, good tofu, etc. It's really wrecking havoc on me, my body, and my well being. It's even taking a small toll on my mental health! You don't realize how important good food is until you're deprived of it.

I could have/should have just gone to the grocery store for ALL my meals and eaten in the hotel (or packed food for on the go), but then I'd have had nothing to do in this town, lol. In fact, that was the only time I went out today.

-a few mary's gluten free crackers with roasted red pepper hummus
-a few rice crackers with roasted red pepper hummus

-the other half of my spinach veggie wrap from the other day that I added plain hummus to
-a few more mary's crackers

-hot chocolate soy milk
-1 cabernet dark chocolate truffle
-vanilla-pom cashews

As I said above, my Mom and I stayed in. We didn't even go out to get dinner. We (again) watched copious amounts of Family on DVD. It was nice.


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