Monday, April 12, 2010


April 10

-kind bar

-chips & copious amounts of bean dip (and a little salsa)
-seafood soup (hardcore stuff. lobster tail, giant shrimp, lots of little scallops, fish, etc)
-1 negra modelo w/ lime (how I missed thee. I had been over beer for awhile, but a few months back I was obsessed w/ trying every beer I could get my hands on. this is prob my fave)
-2 dos equis w/ lime

x 2

I only wanted one drink, MAYBE 2, but everyone kept ordering more. Oh boy. My 2 aunts, me, my cousin, and her baby daughter (the famous Kendyll) all went out to have dinner and drinks (well, Kendyll had her bottle :-P). I wasn't drunk, but my mom got WASTED. Her limit is usually 1-2 (she had margaritas), but she had 3. She fell in the street when getting the mail and everything. True Story. She's not usually like that at ALL. Oh boy. Needless to say, my Dad came to pick us up. I can't believe I (like most newbie drinkers....) used to love to drink in excess. Now I hate it. That's partially why I switched from dark to regular beer, but I probably should have switched to light, if any, after the second. Oh well, I'm fine.

Kind of sad not to be able to order their (AMAZING) chocolate flan, but I got over it.

-1/2 of a rice dream chocolate ice cream pie

I didn't think I'd like it, but it was pretty good! I'm still trying to psych myself up to try rice milk.

-hibiscus tea
-more water

Outfit of the Day:

My Mom gave me those bracelets from Anthropologie the other day. *heart*



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